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What is 'digital citizenship'? How a new Utah law will affect you

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 2nd - 11:44am

Schools, parents and educators are working on implementing HB 213 all around the state. Learn what digital citizenship is and how you can become involved.

State announces high- and low-performing Title I schools

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  Oct 1st - 9:29pm

The highest- and lowest-performing schools with students from low-income families were announced Thursday by the Utah State Office of Education.

Westminster inaugurates Stephen R. Morgan as president

Chris Larson  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 10:15am

Westminster College inaugurated Stephen R. Morgan Saturday as the 18th president in the college's 140-year history.

U. adds to growing number of higher education buildings, opens Sandy Center

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  Sep 26th - 10:15am

The U. on Friday opened its Sandy Center as a place to facilitate smaller class sizes for general education courses, as well as students taking noncredit courses.

Teens, parents learn how to pay for college

Nadine Wimmer  |  Posted  Sep 25th - 10:47am

A statewide campaign is underway to help demystify the financial aid process for students and parents.

Program builds bridge between Salt Lake middle, high school

Sandra Olney  |  Posted  Sep 23rd - 7:17pm

Making the transition from middle to high school can be challenging. Now, Salt Lake's Northwest Middle School and West High School are teaming up to help bridge that gap.

Decades of Granite High alumni take last photos at school

Megan Marsden Christensen  |  Posted  Sep 22nd - 11:07am

Nearly 70 years of alumni gathered at Granite High School Saturday to capture one last memory at the red-brick school they called home for a few years.

Coalition asks school bus drivers, students' parents to avoid idling

Chris Larson  |  Posted  Sep 20th - 2:05pm

The Utah State Office of Education again has accepted a challenge to cut school bus emissions by eliminating idling and by encouraging parents to do so as well.

American Fork High calculus instructor named Utah Teacher of the Year

Ben Lockhart  |  Posted  Sep 19th - 11:50am

An American Fork High School calculus teacher praised for her high expectations of students was named Teacher of the Year on Friday by the state Office of Education.

New report ranks BYU, Utah top value schools in the state

Jessica Ivins  |  Posted  Sep 17th - 9:23am

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck with your college education, BYU sits at the top of the Utah pack.

New school grades show Utah schools continuing to improve

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  Sep 15th - 5:32pm

With the rise in SAGE scores, more schools earned A and B grades this year with Utah's school grading system, and most of last year's schools with failing grades have improved by a letter grade or more.

Logan High students get 1,600 MacBooks in pilot program

Mike Anderson  |  Posted  Sep 14th - 9:21pm

Each student at Logan High School is starting the school year with a MacBook Air.

Westminster, other Utah universities appear in national rankings

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  Sep 13th - 7:12pm

Leaders of Westminster College are smiling at national rankings released Tuesday by U.S. News that measure overall educational value, affordability, services for military veteran students and other metrics.

Westminster opens new center for military vets

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  Sep 12th - 12:40pm

Westminster College opened its new Center for Veteran and Military Services on Friday to provide more extensive academic and cultural resources for students who have served in the armed forces.

Why kids are reading history for fun

Katia Hetter, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 11th - 7:28pm

Whether it's the Roman Empire or Chinese history, the U.S Civil War, the history of scientific discovery or more recent civil rights battles, the new wave of children's historical nonfiction is attracting a younger audience to read more about real events.

Some colleges ditch SAT scores

Katie Lobosco, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 8th - 10:47am

Bombed the SAT? Not to worry.

University of Utah launches new institute to help inform public policy decisions

Katie McKellar  |  Posted  Sep 6th - 2:05pm

More 100 local, state and national leaders gathered at the state Capitol Wednesday to celebrate the launch of a new University of Utah institute formed to drive better-informed public policy decisions.

Long-term student outcomes are focus of joint education conference

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  Sep 6th - 9:45am

A joint education conference of educators, lawmakers and businesses at Southern Utah University culminated Thursday with several goals aimed at giving Utah students a more competitive edge in a global economy.

Fit, healthy kids do better in school, especially math

Carina Storrs, Special to CNN  |  Posted  Sep 1st - 9:32am

The familiar saying that exercise is good for the body and mind may be especially true for children. Kids who are physically fit actually have differences in their brain structures that might allow them to do better in math, according to a new study.

2nd year of SAGE testing in Utah schools shows growth

Morgan Jacobsen  |  Posted  Aug 31st - 10:45pm

Overall improvement in proficiency rates on standardized tests from 2014 was something educators expected to see, but some of the numbers are showing surprisingly rapid trends of improvement happening consistently across the state.