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Utah 4th graders get hands-on experience at Utah Lake

By  |  Posted May 4th, 2011 @ 5:05pm

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UTAH COUNTY -- After a year of learning about Utah Lake, hundreds of fourth graders from around the state got to see it first hand.

The Utah Lake Commission customized a science curriculum for the Provo, Alpine, and Nebo School Districts, to use this year and as an award the Utah Lake Commission provided a free field trip to the Utah Lake State Park where students received hands-on experience of everything from fishing and sailing to endangered species and wildlife preservation.

It's important so we know what kind of animals are out there and which ones are endangered.

–Camille Davies

"It's important so we know what kind of animals are out there and which ones are endangered," said Camille Davies.

"One of the goals of the Utah Lake Master Plan is to promote Utah Lake and help the kids understand what ots value is and the importance it is to our community," said Reed Price, Executive Director of Utah Lake Commission. "This is a great way the Commission can support the goal by providing an opportunity for many young children to experience the lake in a learning environment to reinforce the lessons taught in their classroom."

In the summer of 2010, the Commission worked with six fourth grade teachers, two representatives from each district, to create the ten lessons plans that taught several core principles that is part of the fourth grade curriculum and used Utah Lake as an example.

"We're just pleased that we've been able to help provide an opportunity for for many of these students , many of which have never been able to experience the lake, to come down and experience the lake and to reinforce the things that they have been taught over the past several months.


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