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Holy fire ceremony in Jerusalem draws thousands

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 30th - 7:20am

Thousands of Christians have gathered in Jerusalem for an ancient fire ceremony that celebrates Jesus' resurrection.

Utah businessman to buy 500 more acres in Vermont for utopia community

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 29th - 3:33pm

An LDS Utah businessman who wants to build a massive, futuristic, utopia-like community in central Vermont says he's about to buy 500 more acres of land for the project, bringing his total to about 1,400 acres.

US urges action by Bangladesh to prevent killings

Matthew Pennington, Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 29th - 1:20pm

Secretary of State John Kerry called on Bangladesh's leader to step up law enforcement to prevent a wave of killings targeting liberal voices, the State Department said Friday amid fears that the traditionally moderate South Asian nation is under threat from Islamic extremists.

At the Vatican, Biden seeks common cause with pope on cancer

Josh Lederman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 29th - 12:00pm

Vice President Joe Biden found common cause with Pope Francis on Friday at the Vatican for a global commitment to fund cancer research.

Pilgrims trace Jesus' footsteps on Good Friday in Jerusalem

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 29th - 9:00am

Greek-Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox pilgrims are commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by following the path in Jerusalem's Old City where, according to tradition, he walked on the way to the cross.

Jordan lifts ban on performance by popular Lebanese band

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 29th - 3:10am

Jordan is permitting a popular Lebanese rock band to perform, lifting an earlier ban imposed amid claims the group's songs promoting religious and sexual freedom violate local customs and religious beliefs.

Vatican crackdown on tax cheats flagged in oversight report

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 12:40pm

The Vatican's financial watchdog said Thursday it received 544 reports of suspicious financial transactions last year, a three-fold increase over 2014, thanks in part to beefed-up efforts to flag potential tax cheats who are using the Vatican bank to hide money.

Protest in Myanmar targets US Embassy use of term 'Rohingya'

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 8:41am

Buddhist monks joined several hundred protesters outside the U.S. Embassy in Myanmar on Thursday to demand it stop using the term "Rohingya" to refer to a Muslim ethnic minority group.

Hawaii church deploying igloos to house homeless families

Cathy Bussewitz, Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 1:10am

A church in Hawaii looking to address the state's ongoing homelessness crisis has settled on a solution that on first look appears better suited for the frigid winters of Alaska than the islands' tropical climate: igloos.

Martin Short, Derek Hough join cast of 'Hairspray Live!'

Mark Kennedy, Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 27th - 3:01pm

Comedian Martin Short and dancer Derek Hough have leapt aboard the cast of NBC's "Hairspray Live!" on Dec. 7.

Deal considers measures as deadline looms

Ryan Phillips, Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 30th - 9:50am

Several pieces of legislation continue to wait on the desk of Gov. Nathan Deal, as the May 3 deadline looms for Deal to sign, veto or opt to not take action on the measures.

Complaint accuses hospital of religious discrimination

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 30th - 9:00am

A complaint filed by a federal agency is accusing Mission Hospital of religious discrimination and violating federal law for firing three workers who refused to adhere to the hospital's flu vaccine requirement and declined the shot.

Protesters loyal to Shiite cleric breach Baghdad's Green Zone, home to government, embassies

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 30th - 6:30am

Protesters loyal to Shiite cleric breach Baghdad's Green Zone, home to government, embassies.

Correction: Notre Dame-Indianapolis story

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 29th - 4:50pm

In a story April 25 about the University of Notre Dame, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the school was taking over five schools in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis through its Alliance for Catholic Education program. The university says it is entering into a partnership with the schools.

Families of Mormon missionaries being targeted in phone scam

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 29th - 9:41am

A telephone scam is targeting grandparents of Mormon missionaries, asking for money to release their relatives from jail.

Kerry raises religion's role in diplomacy

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 8:21pm

Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S. can't lead the world if American diplomats don't understand the importance of religion.

3rd of 4 Mormon missionaries injured in Brussels goes home

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 5:41pm

A Mormon missionary injured in the Brussels bombing attack is back at home after he was released from a Salt Lake City hospital.

Illinois school settles separation of church and state case

Alan Scher Zagier, Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 4:12pm

An Illinois public school that requires students who ride the bus to arrive early for optional religious instruction at a Roman Catholic parish has agreed to discontinue the practice in response to a legal challenge.

Dubuque considers financially aiding church redevelopment

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 3:41pm

Members of the Dubuque City Council will consider supporting an effort to turn a former Catholic church campus into apartments for formerly homeless women.

Iowa lawmakers agree on oversight bill for boarding schools

Barbara Rodriguez, Associated Press  |  Posted  Apr 28th - 3:01pm

Iowa will have clear regulatory authority over private boarding schools in the state under a legislative deal reached Thursday that also protects religious curriculum at such institutions and other educational facilities.