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Nominate someone for a High 5!

Do you know someone doing good in our community? A friend or family member building up neighbors or a co-worker giving selflessly? Recognize them with a nomination for a High 5!

High 5: Utah woman certainly earns the nickname "Service Goddess"

Feb 17th - 10:48am

We gave a High 5 award to a woman who spans the globe looking for opportunities to help people. Not only that, when she's home here in Utah, she trains man's best friend with an eye on helping others see.

High 5: A Christmas gift from a most unlikely source

Feb 14th - 9:59am

A broken down car could have easily ruined their Christmas. That appeared to be the case for a Syracuse family when the part their car needed was not in stock at one mechanic's shop. But that mechanic was not about to watch someone's Christmas get spoiled.

High 5: The neighbors we would all love to have after a snow storm

Feb 13th - 9:55am

Utah families have seen their homes buried under snow time and time again this winter. Keeping the driveway clear has been a difficult job for most, impossible for some. A couple in the Rose Park neighborhood has been looking out for families that can't dig out for themselves.

High 5: Parents gaining an education in the same facilities as their kids

Feb 8th - 10:33am

As many families immigrate to Utah from all over the world, they send their children to school to learn English and other life lessons. Now those parents can get the same education in the same building as their kids.

High 5: Elementary student's idea shows it's cool to be kind

Feb 8th - 10:14am

He got the idea from reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and immediately shared it with his principal. Now Qwade Rondeau is getting the recognition he deserves for a very impactful school project.

High 5: Huge relief for Utah families after donor pays many small lunch debts

Jan 31st - 9:53am

Too many Utah families struggle to pay for school lunch. One generous man decided to help out. His small act of kindness quickly spread to hundreds of families and over $2,000 spent.

High 5: Saying thanks to those that keep our roads clear of snow

Jan 27th - 10:10am

They work difficult and often odd hours to make sure when we wake up to snow in the morning we can still get to work safe. So, we set out to say thanks to our snow plow drivers.

High 5: A tiny weather forecaster making a big difference at his school

Jan 26th - 10:23am

He's just a 4th grade student now but in the future he may be after Grant Weyman's job. That's because Jackson Drake loves to forecast the weather at his elementary school and does an excellent job at it.

High 5: A fitness class that delivers much more than exercise

Jan 24th - 8:48am

A Murray couple is helping their neighbors get fit. Many would not be able to hit the gym if it was not for this one Zumba class.

Ambush High 5

Jan 19th - 1:29pm

Caitlin Burchill found people making small changes that help keep the air clean for all of us!

High 5: Bringing a little whimsy to dreary snowdrifts

Jan 17th - 2:08pm

It's not very often that art gets a High 5. This High 5 takes a lot of snow and just the right temperatures.

High 5: Bus driver goes extra mile for one student

Jan 12th - 11:57am

It's his job to make sure all the kids on his route make it to school. A job one bus driver takes so seriously he had to get creative to help one little girl with one big challenge.

High 5: Recognizing the small acts of kindness that make a big difference

Jan 11th - 10:27am

We are so thankful to have our email inboxes inundated with stories worthy of our High 5 initiative. We couldn't possibly respond to every one but here are a few we thought deserved a special mention.

High 5: Santaquin woman's special delivery to kindergarten class

Jan 10th - 10:02am

Nearly six years ago a Santaquin woman decided she needed a quilting project to stay busy. Now thousands of quilts later and at the age of 89, Grandma Epperson is still delivering a special gift to one kindergarten class.

High 5: A penny war for a great cause

Dec 27th - 7:56am

At times they've benefitted from KSL's Quarters for Christmas program that delivers shoes and other clothing items to needy families. Now they're raising money so the program can help others in circumstances they know all too well.

High 5: A surprise makeover for an elementary school library

Dec 23rd - 1:46pm

Christmas came a little early for Meadowlark Elementary School with a High 5! But this wasn't any ordinary High 5.. this required a little elbow grease on our part.. and some very generous partners. Our friends at Read Today, Deannie Wimmer, DDM, Elements Capital and America First all pitched in for this very COLORFUL and POWERFUL gift of reading!

High 5: A firefighter goes above and beyond to help the homeless

Dec 22nd - 3:01pm

During the winter season we see a lot of generous people donating to homeless shelters. But one man, a firefighter, is taking it a step taking supplies to families in need on the street.

Giving a family the gift of transportation

Dec 21st - 3:01pm

Being able to just hop in a car and go is something many people take for granted. We were there when a local organization gave one family the gift of transportation, tailor made to fit all their needs.

High 5: Celebration Project brings birthday cheer to homeless children

Dec 15th - 10:32am

Some children have no idea what a birthday present even looks like. That's because they've never been given one. One Utah organization is changing that and putting smiles on children's faces at a difficult time.

High 5: Student delivers powerful message after school shooting

Dec 8th - 7:49am

When so many of her classmates were talking about a shooting on campus, one Union Middle School student decided it was time to change the conversation and focus instead on a much more positive and uplifting message.