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Germany reports scary clown incidents, fights hoaxes

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 7:00am

A man in northern Germany has reported being attacked by someone in a clown costume wielding a baseball bat, while a woman said she was accosted by a man in a clown mask with a chain saw, police said Friday.

IS attacks Iraq city of Kirkuk, power plant amid Mosul fight

Emad Matti and Adam Schreck, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 6:40am

Islamic State militants armed with assault rifles and explosives attacked targets in and around the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk early Friday, in an assault that appeared aimed at diverting Iraqi security forces from a massive offensive against the IS-held city of Mosul.

South Africa's move on ICC raises concerns of African exodus

Christopher Torchia, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 6:30am

South Africa said Friday it will soon submit a bill in parliament to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, raising concerns of a possible African exodus from a human rights tribunal accused by some African leaders of unfairly targeting their continent.

Court: Iraqi cleric Mullah Krekar can be extradited to Italy

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 6:22am

An Iraqi-born cleric can be extradited to Italy, which suspects him of enticing recruits to fight in Iraq and Syria, a Norwegian court said Friday.

Filipino protesters want police in brutal dispersal punished

Jim Gomez, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 6:11am

Hundreds of Filipinos protesting Friday outside the presidential palace burned a mock U.S. flag and asked President Rodrigo Duterte to punish police officers for brutally dispersing an anti-U.S. rally and ramming a van into some of the activists.

The Latest: Arson suspected as Swedish asylum center burned

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 6:03am

The Latest on Europe's response to the influx of asylum seekers and migrants (all times local):

The Latest: Large fire amid clashes in Iraqi city of Kirkuk

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 6:02am

The Latest on the developments in Iraq where Iraqi forces and their allies launched a major offensive this week to retake Mosul, the country's second-largest city from the Islamic State group (all times local):

Leading tattoo artists help wounded Israelis with scars

Tia Goldenberg, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 6:00am

Leading tattoo artists are helping wounded Israelis cover up the scars of tragedy and loss.

British reporter 'Fake Sheikh' jailed for 15 months

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 5:50am

A judge has sentenced a British journalist who often posed as a Middle Eastern tycoon in sting operations to 15 months in prison, after the tabloid reporter was convicted of perverting the course of justice in an effort to get scoops.

Socialists' meeting could end Spain's 10-month impasse

Ciaran Giles, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 5:40am

Spain's Socialist party was preparing Friday for a crucial weekend meeting that could help end the country's political impasse by allowing the rival conservative Popular Party to form a minority government.

Congo security forces killed 48 protesters, UN report says

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 5:40am

The United Nations human rights office says Congo's security forces killed at least 48 people during anti-government opposition protests last month, using excessive force that also injured at least 140 people.

NATO officer: cyberattacks complicate threats to alliance

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 5:40am

A senior NATO officer says the addition of cyber warfare to traditional threats means the military alliance faces a 360-degree threat.

Syrian government opens new Aleppo corridor for evacuations

Bassem Mroue and Jamey Keaten, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 5:40am

The Syrian government on Friday opened a new corridor for rebels and civilians who want to leave the besieged eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, but the U.N. said planned medical evacuations haven't begun as planned because of a lack of security assurances from the warring sides.

Calls for crackdown on anti-government extremists in Germany

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 5:30am

German lawmakers called for a crackdown on anti-government extremists Friday in response to the killing this week of a police officer by an adherent of the so-called Reich Citizens Movement.

Jailed Ukrainian filmmaker 'staying' in Russia

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 4:50am

Ukraine says Russia is refusing to hand over jailed Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, who was convicted of conspiracy to commit terror attacks by a Russian military court in 2015 and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Top critic Uganda says 'undecided' about leaving ICC

Rodney Muhumuza, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 4:50am

Uganda says it remains "undecided" about whether to leave the International Criminal Court after two African states this week decided to pull out.

UK Conservatives hold Commons seat vacated by ex-PM Cameron

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 4:31am

Britain's Conservative Party has retained the seat in Parliament vacated by the former prime minister, David Cameron, but with a sharply reduced majority.

AP Explains: Why African states have started leaving the ICC

Cara Anna, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 4:30am

Until this week, no country had withdrawn from the International Criminal Court. Now two African states, South Africa and Burundi, have made official decisions to leave. Concerns are high that more African countries now will act on years of threats to pull out amid accusations that the court unfairly focuses on the continent. Here's a look at what it all means.

Russian foreign minister says Moscow prepared to continue pause of bombing of Aleppo if rebels do not initiate attacks

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 21st - 4:20am

Russian foreign minister says Moscow prepared to continue pause of bombing of Aleppo if rebels do not initiate attacks.