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Turkish elections could shift president's role

08/09/2014 1:21am
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the front-runner in Turkey's first direct presidential election on Sunday, says that if elected he will be an active head of state who "sweats, runs and rushes around" — not just a ceremonial figurehead as presidents have been in the past.

Hawaii largely dodges one-two storm punch as Iselle passes, Hurricane Julio heads north

08/09/2014 2:40am
The one-two hurricane punch that was supposed to hit Hawaii is looking more like a jab and a missed left hook.

Hagel: US, India must improve defense cooperation

08/09/2014 3:21am
The United States and India must seize opportunities to collaborate more on defense development and not let government red tape and other problems stymie progress between the two nations, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Saturday.

Legal snafu leads court to reject Sterling request to block Clippers sale; refiling possible

08/09/2014 4:31am
An appellate court has refused to consider Donald Sterling's request to block the $2 billion sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer but, caught in an extraordinary legal snafu, the court says Sterling could file the request again.

Pilot strike in Portugal prompts canceled flights

08/09/2014 6:20am
TAP Air Portugal pilots are staging a 24-hour strike over work conditions, prompting the cancellation of flights on Saturday for the Portuguese flag carrier.

Etihad, Gulf Air re-route Iraq flights

08/09/2014 6:50am
Two Gulf-based airlines said Saturday they have re-routed flights over Iraq because of the deteriorating security situation there, even as Turkish Airlines said it has resumed flights to the northern Iraqi city of Irbil.

DC school educates parents alongside children

08/09/2014 7:30am
The images in the book were bright and the words simple, but many of the women in the classroom hesitated as they sounded out each sentence.

ABA to vote on changes to law school rules

08/09/2014 7:30am
The American Bar Association is poised to adopt new law school accreditation standards at its annual meeting, but Maryland's law schools say they're ahead of the game.

Ebola starting to take an economic toll in region

08/09/2014 7:51am
Caterpillar has evacuated a handful of employees from Liberia. Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd. has suspended a drilling project. British Airways has canceled flights to the region. ExxonMobil and Chevron are waiting to see whether health officials can contain the danger.

Texas sees little change despite insurance gains

08/09/2014 8:41am
Mike Norby is no longer basking in praise over Houston surpassing enrollment expectations in the federal health insurance marketplace. Four months later, the story behind the numbers isn't as rosy for the county health care program he helps oversee.

IU schools tackle new marketing strategies

08/09/2014 9:10am
Indiana University is taking steps to better market itself to students and donors, using a strategy more common to consumer products.

Firm hasn't paid ND fine for wastewater violation

08/09/2014 9:30am
It's been two years since state regulators touted a record $1.5 million fine against a company for illegally dumping 20,000 barrels of toxic liquid and threatening drinking water supplies near a large western North Dakota city, and little has changed. The now-dissolved company is under federal investigation, the penalty is unpaid and the affected site is still contaminated.

Volkswagen recalls some Tiguans

08/09/2014 9:40am
Volkswagen of America is recalling 151,389 Tiguan SUVs due to the possibility of stalling.

Ga. trial shows food safety relies on honor system

08/09/2014 11:31am
Jurors at the nation's first federal criminal trial stemming from a deadly outbreak of food-borne illness are learning a disconcerting fact: America's food safety largely depends on the honor system.

Russia starts drilling its northernmost oil well

08/09/2014 1:01pm
Russia has begun drilling on its northernmost oil well, in the Kara Sea off the northern coast of Siberia.

Kerry seeks to calm South China Sea tensions

08/09/2014 1:20pm
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday urged China and its neighbors to take new steps to ease tensions over maritime disputes that many fear could spark conflict.

Bridges key piece to toting big soybean harvest

08/09/2014 1:31pm
Small bridges across the soybean-growing Midwest can't handle fully loaded farm trucks.

Some Texas gun show attendees oppose alcohol sales

08/09/2014 1:41pm
A proposal to allow alcohol sales at guns shows in Texas got a mostly unfavorable reaction at a gun show in Houston on Saturday, with some in attendance calling it a bad idea.

Teen writes book, hopes to see it as TV series

08/09/2014 2:30pm
While many teen girls are concerned with the latest fashions, cell phones and their friends, 15-year-old Abby Summers has bigger issues — like how to convince major Hollywood producers to turn her book into a television series.

Purdue forms new soybean research center

08/09/2014 3:01pm
Purdue University is forming a new research center devoted to advancing soybean production and finding new uses for the crop.

US bots flagged Ebola before outbreak announced

08/09/2014 3:11pm
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is focusing a spotlight on an online tool run by experts in Boston that flagged a "mystery hemorrhagic fever" in forested areas of southeastern Guinea nine days before the World Health Organization formally announced the epidemic.

Judge denies GM motion to dismiss ignition suit

08/09/2014 3:20pm
A Georgia judge has denied a motion by General Motors to dismiss a wrongful death case against the automaker and set a trial date for April 2016.

A look at US soybean production by state

08/09/2014 4:20pm
Though a large majority of all soybeans grown in the United States leave the farm on a truck bound for a grain elevator or a rail line, most of them wind up either being shipped by rail or barge to end users across the country and beyond.

NY-bound flight evacuated in Puerto Rico

08/09/2014 7:20pm
An engine fire forced evacuation of a New York-bound JetBlue flight before it could take off on Saturday, Puerto Rico airport officials said.

Japan architects sell a lifestyle on global stage

08/09/2014 11:21pm
A new generation of Japanese architects believes the world has fallen out of love with the 20th century steel and concrete skyscraper. They are pushing a human-friendly alternative that some say has roots in the elegant simplicity of the traditional Japanese tea house.