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Up to 300,000 Utahns eligible for health insurance tax subsidy

11/07/2013 7:41am
Federal tax subsidies are available to help people afford health insurance coverage purchased on new insurance marketplaces. A new report estimates that more than 206,000 Utahns are eligible to take advantage of the credit.

Polio threatens to make a comeback in parts of the world

11/07/2013 8:41am
Concern is growing that polio — a disease that once was nearly eradicated — could erupt again.

Ask a Chef: Homemade holiday pies

11/07/2013 10:00am
Every week one of the chefs from Harmons Grocery Stores will be answering your toughest culinary questions. This week: Do you have a simple yet delicious pie recipe?

Man accused of impersonating an officer, calling for backup

11/07/2013 10:56am
A man accused of impersonating an officer had some St. George residents concerned after he pulled them over for supposed traffic violations.

Photos: Bountiful Peak at sunrise

11/07/2013 11:01am
The mountains to the east of Farmington and Bountiful provide adventurers with endless places to explore. But if you happen to be there at sunrise, the view is spectacular.

Provo man's hand-lettered shirts show state pride

11/07/2013 2:00pm
Popularity on Instagram has led a Provo man to produce state T-shirts and a letter-press map with help from Kickstarter.