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5 reasons to consider Central America for your next vacation

04/29/2014 11:29am
Most Americans believe that a trip out of the country is out of their reach. But an exciting foreign adventure is closer and more affordable than you think. Here are 5 reasons to choose Central America as your next vacation destination.

14 simple ways to fight spring allergies

04/29/2014 7:28pm
Every year, just when leaves start budding and the air temperature turns friendly, spring allergies threaten to make lives miserable. While it is impossible to rid plants of their pollen, there are many different ways to make spring allergy time easier.

Crow hunting, fall turkey hunt may be coming to Utah

04/29/2014 7:43pm
The Division of Wildlife Resources has proposed legalizing crow hunting in the state of Utah and adding fall turkey hunts and they want the public's input.