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Options set for those lacking new health coverage

12/20/2013 1:32am
People whose existing health care insurance has been canceled because of the Affordable Care Act will not be hit with tax penalties for failing to line up new coverage as required under the law.

Obama orders military to review sexual assault

12/20/2013 7:54am
President Barack Obama is ordering a review of the military's response to sexual assault in the armed forces.

Obama will nominate Baucus as ambassador to China

12/20/2013 8:55am
President Barack Obama will nominate retiring Sen. Max Baucus of Montana to serve as ambassador to China.

Report: No widespread problems at Secret Service

12/20/2013 9:22am
There is no evidence of widespread misconduct within the Secret Service, according to a Homeland Security Department inspector general's report.

Spy panel wants duplicate oversight board replaced

12/20/2013 10:11am
For months, two review panels given nearly identical assignments by President Barack Obama have been studying how the White House should change or limit the National Security Agency's surveillance programs. They have functioned separately _ with different experts and private and public hearings _ but with almost the same mandate.

Obama sees surging health care sign-ups

12/20/2013 1:00pm
His health care plan facing a dicey transition, President Barack Obama said Friday that insurance sign-ups are surging now that the government's website is working better for consumers.

Obama puts a rosy spin on rough presidential year

12/20/2013 8:01pm
Putting a rosy spin on a difficult year, President Barack Obama acknowledged frustrating "ups and downs" on Friday but exulted that the improving economy is creating new jobs and claimed crucial progress for his troubled health care overhaul. He predicted 2014 would be "a breakthrough year for America."