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Clock ticks on authority for Guantanamo detention

11/23/2013 10:01am
A persistent knock came from inside the heavy, locked cell door.

When presidents die, power transfer can be fraught

11/23/2013 1:25pm
As President John F. Kennedy lay dying 50 years ago at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Vice President Lyndon Johnson was hurried into a small room in Minor Medicine, where he stood silently against a wall. After a wait of some 35 minutes, presidential aide Kenneth O'Donnell entered and approached Johnson, who had been two cars behind Kennedy when the shots were fired in Dealey Plaza.

AP source: No right to enrich in Iran deal

11/23/2013 8:09pm
A senior Obama administration official says the nuclear deal with Iran does not include recognition of Iran's right to enrich uranium.

Text of Obama statement on nuclear deal with Iran

11/23/2013 9:22pm
President Barack Obama's statement Saturday night on the interim nuclear deal reached with Iran, as provided by the White House:

Obama declares Iran deal 'important first step'

11/23/2013 9:55pm
President Barack Obama declared an interim nuclear deal with Iran an "important first step" that cuts off the Islamic republic's most likely path toward a bomb.