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Obama economic adviser leaving, successor picked

09/13/2013 8:29am
President Barack Obama will replace Gene Sperling, his chief economic adviser and West Wing workaholic, with Jeffrey Zients, a top aide who has filled in as acting budget director and who led a White House effort to streamline government.

In US arsenal, lessons for Syria chemical weapons

09/13/2013 11:08am
It's not easy or quick to get rid of a nation's chemical weapons. Just ask the United States.

AP sources: Syria force trigger unlikely at UN

09/13/2013 2:44pm
Senior administration officials say President Barack Obama would be open to a United Nations resolution to secure Syria's chemical weapons that does not include the threat of military force for failing to abide by the agreement.

Kuwait ruler presses Obama on Guantanamo detainees

09/13/2013 4:41pm
Kuwait's ruler said Friday he asked President Barack Obama to speed the process of releasing two countrymen held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

White House: No subsidies for union health plans

09/13/2013 6:01pm
Low-income workers on union health plans are not eligible for the same federal subsidies available to those who buy insurance in the new state health care marketplaces, the White House said Friday.