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AP PHOTOS: Egypt museum hurt by political turmoil

12/04/2013 4:27am
Inside the Egyptian Museum, there are 200,000 items showing the splendor of the country's history _ and few tourists to see them.

Egypt's antiquities fall victim to political chaos

12/04/2013 5:50am
The century-old home of Egypt's mummies and King Tutankhamun's treasures is trying to make the best out of the worst times of political turmoil. But the Egyptian Museum is taking a hammering on multiple levels, from riots on its doorstep to funding so meager it can't keep up paper clip supplies for its staff.

Jordan arrests pardoned Jordanian-US militant

12/04/2013 6:17am
The father of a convicted Jordanian-American militant says the kingdom's police have arrested his son, who was jailed in 2004 for plotting a terror attack but then pardoned.

Moroccan party holds hearing for legalizing pot

12/04/2013 8:44am
One of Morocco's main political parties has started the process of legalizing marijuana cultivation on Wednesday with an informational hearing in parliament over its industrial and medical uses.

Iran's top diplomat reaches out to Gulf states

12/04/2013 9:00am
With the ink barely dry on a nuclear deal that paves the way for warmer relations with the West, Iran's new leadership is making a push to patch up tensions with U.S. allies closer to home too.

Possible culprits in Hezbollah commander's killing

12/04/2013 1:33pm
Senior Hezbollah commander Hassan al-Laqis was assassinated early Wednesday in southern Beirut _ a sharp blow to the Iranian-backed Shiite group. Hezbollah has no shortage of rivals eager to strike at its strongholds and leadership: