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Detained Syrian refugees in Egypt on hunger strike

11/23/2013 11:20am
A group of Syrian and Palestinian refugees detained in Egypt have gone on a hunger strike to protest spending more than two months of captivity, an activist doctor said Saturday.

Egypt expels Turkish ambassador, scales back ties

11/23/2013 11:44am
Egypt downgraded diplomatic relations Saturday with Turkey and expelled its ambassador from Cairo, a sharp escalation in tensions between the two countries that mounted after a military coup ousted the country's Islamist president this summer.

Key points in Iran nuclear deal with world powers

11/23/2013 10:52pm
Iran struck a historic nuclear deal Sunday with the United States and five other world powers. Here are some key points in the agreement and why they matter for Iran and the international community:

Uranium enrichment at heart of Iran nuclear deal

11/23/2013 11:00pm
Iran's ability to enrich uranium _ at what levels and what speed _ is a cornerstone of the deal reached Sunday between Tehran and world powers. Here are answers to some important questions about uranium enrichment, the central process in turning concentrated uranium into nuclear fuel.