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Morocco's unemployed march to demand jobs

10/06/2013 6:39am
Some 2,000 jobless Moroccans have marched through the capital demanding the government sort out the nation's unemployment.

Sudan: Another Arab state feels heat from street

10/06/2013 11:20am
In recent times Sudan has gone through two major civil wars, the loss of its rebellious southern oil region, and the indictment of its president for war crimes. Now, with its economy in disarray, it's the latest Arab country to be feeling heat from the street.

Iran's top diplomat hints at broader ties with US

10/06/2013 2:37pm
Iran's Foreign Minister is saying Iranian legislators and scholars may have ties with their American counterparts.

Iranians to Israeli PM: We are free to wear jeans

10/06/2013 11:27pm
Iranians are accustomed to jabs from Israel's prime minister. But this one hit a nerve: Claiming clampdowns by Iran's rulers extended to blue jeans.