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Jamaica aims to revive economy with port hub

02/17/2014 9:32am
This hardscrabble harbor town on Jamaica's southern coast seems an unlikely contender in an emerging regional competition over the shipping routes that carry global trade.

Venezuela chief expels US officials amid protests

02/17/2014 10:36am
President Nicolas Maduro's government is giving three U.S. Embassy officials 48 hours to leave Venezuela after Washington came to the defense of an opposition hard-liner accused by Venezuela's leader of responsibility for bloodshed during anti-government protests.

Pope Francis fingerprinted _ to renew passport

02/17/2014 12:16pm
Pope Francis may be the head of the Vatican state, but he's not giving up the right to travel as just another Argentine citizen.

Argentine govt OK's media group's breakup plan

02/17/2014 2:27pm
Argentina's broadcast media regulator gave President Cristina Fernandez a long-awaited victory Monday in her campaign to weaken Grupo Clarin, approving a plan to break the leading Latin American media group into six parts.