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Airlines halt ticket sales in Venezuela

01/24/2014 3:09pm
Tempers flared at airline offices in Caracas on Friday as Venezuelans reacted angrily to international carriers' refusal to sell tickets after the government devalued the bolivar for flights abroad.

Report of rare protest in eastern Cuba

01/24/2014 6:02pm
Independent vendors in eastern Cuba staged a highly unusual protest after state inspectors seized allegedly unauthorized goods from their stalls, prompting local authorities to promise to seek a solution to their grievances, witnesses and activists said Friday.

New Guantanamo hearings limit media, NGO access

01/24/2014 10:02pm
Some prisoners at Guantanamo are getting an opportunity to plead for their release, but journalists and observers from human rights groups won't get to hear them in what critics say is a break from past practice at the U.S. base in Cuba.