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USVI to build bird observation pier at sanctuary

09/14/2013 7:26am
The U.S. Virgin Islands is building a new observation pier at a wildlife sanctuary in St. John for bird lovers.

Havana sees new life for seedy industrial port

09/14/2013 12:24pm
Havana's harbor has long been an unsightly jumble of piers left to crumble into piles of rusty, twisted rebar. Its dominant feature is a refinery smokestack across the bay that belches smoke and flame 24 hours a day.

Fidel Castro applauds Russian proposal on Syria

09/14/2013 1:16pm
Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has published an article applauding a Russian-backed proposal to secure and destroy Syria's chemical weapons. The U.S. and Russia reached agreement Saturday to implement the plan amid an ongoing civil war in the Middle Eastern country.