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Mexican president calls NSA spying illegal

09/04/2013 11:49am
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto says reported surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency would constitute an illegal act.

Brazil captures band trafficking arms to US

09/04/2013 1:21pm
Brazilian police say seven people have been detained and 22 high-caliber guns and munitions have been seized in an operation targeting a band that trafficked in arms from the U.S. by hiding them inside mattresses.

Venezuelans skeptical of power sabotage claims

09/04/2013 2:18pm
Venezuelans expressed skepticism Wednesday on President Nicolas Maduro's claims that saboteurs caused a blackout that knocked out electricity in about 70 percent of the country, creating chaos in Caracas by interrupting subway service and snarling traffic.

Brazil house approves end to secret voting

09/04/2013 2:59pm
Brazil's lower house has voted to end the system of secret voting in the national legislature.

Mexican Senate passes major education reform

09/04/2013 6:04pm
Mexico's Senate overwhelmingly passed a sweeping reform of the notoriously dysfunctional public school system early Wednesday, handing President Enrique Pena Nieto an important victory in his push to remake some of his country's worst-run institutions.

Ex-CEO of USVI hospital convicted of tax fraud

09/04/2013 6:14pm
The former chief executive of a U.S. Virgin Islands hospital has been convicted of tax fraud.

Ex-judge in Jamaica gets bail after scam charges

09/04/2013 6:27pm
A former judge in Jamaica has been released on bail two days after she and three of her employees were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the island's lucrative lottery scam.

Vatican abruptly ousts Dominican Republic envoy

09/04/2013 6:58pm
Authorities in the Dominican Republic will look into allegations of child sex abuse against the papal envoy to the Caribbean country following his abrupt removal from his post by the Vatican, the attorney general said Wednesday.

Colombia leader's popularity plunges to 21 percent

09/04/2013 7:40pm
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos' approval rating has plummeted 27 percentage points to its worst since he took office: 21 percent.

Chile extradites Argentina judge on rights charges

09/04/2013 9:05pm
Chile is extraditing an Argentine judge who fled his home country to avoid trial on charges of crimes against humanity.