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AP PHOTOS: Peru slow in exhuming war's victims

09/03/2013 10:20am
It was Alejandrina Torres' first time back in her native village since Shining Path rebels cut her parents' throats while she hid, a terrified 4-year-old, beneath the skirts of a neighbor.

Peruvians unhealed decade after truth commission

09/03/2013 10:22am
For almost a quarter century, they have scoured the mountains of Peru's poorest region in search of the son hauled away by soldiers in the middle of the night. During their futile search, the couple found 70 clandestine burial sites and unearthed three dozen bodies.

Puerto Rico to restore, reopen historic bridge

09/03/2013 2:55pm
Crews in Puerto Rico are restoring a 108-year-old bridge in the island's central region that is listed as a U.S. historic site.

Puerto Rico airport to bring rental cars closer

09/03/2013 4:04pm
People traveling to Puerto Rico will no longer have to stand in line at the island's main international airport to take a bus and pick up their rental car.

Suriname leader distances himself from jailed son

09/03/2013 5:12pm
President Desi Bouterse of Suriname distanced himself Tuesday from his son following the younger man's arrest and quick extradition to the United States to face drug and weapons charges.

Mexican lawmaker asks to bar gay unions in public

09/03/2013 7:08pm
A state legislator has caused a stir by asking authorities to bar gay weddings from public spaces, arguing it confuses children in a state that just approved same-sex civil unions.

Mexico bus drivers idle after 'revenge' killings

09/03/2013 9:06pm
Half of the drivers who work a bus route on which two colleagues were shot to death last week, possibly by a woman seeking revenge for purported sexual abuse of female passengers, didn't show up for their jobs Tuesday.