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Rural Andean churches plagued by sacred art theft

08/26/2013 1:48pm
The thieves tunneled under the thick walls of the colonial-era Roman Catholic church in the tiny southern Bolivian town of San Miguel de Tomave, emerged through the floor and made off with five 18th-century oil paintings of inestimable value.

Brazil: Silva wants party's official recognition

08/26/2013 2:31pm
A Brazilian politician who opinion polls indicate could seriously challenge President Dilma Rousseff's re-election bid next year initiated on Monday the process to have her party legally recognized.

A rare snow falls in Atacama desert of Chile

08/26/2013 3:42pm
A rare snowfall in Chile's Atacama desert has delighted visitors to one of the world's driest areas.

Starbucks to open its first store in Colombia

08/26/2013 4:15pm
Starbucks announced plans Monday to open its first cafe in Colombia, where the popular Juan Valdez chain has a very firm foothold.

Argentina airline unions threaten strike over LAN

08/26/2013 4:16pm
Argentine airline unions are threatening to strike Thursday if the government goes ahead with plans to evict the local subsidiary of Latin America's biggest carrier from its Buenos Aires airport hangar.

Official: 12 taken from bar were killed in revenge

08/26/2013 6:26pm
Mexico City authorities say a suspect has confirmed that a dozen young people kidnapped three months ago from a bar in the capital were killed in revenge for the slaying of a drug dealer.

Much-delayed 'Haiti on Ice' show finally goes on

08/26/2013 8:15pm
Haiti's much-delayed ice-skating show has finally begun.