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Bavaria to keep blocking 'Mein Kampf' publication

12/11/2013 2:17am
Bavaria's state government says it will try to keep Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" out of publication in Germany after the copyright expires in 2015 _ reversing a decision to support new editions with critical commentary.

US charity buys Hopi artifacts to return to tribes

12/11/2013 3:39am
A U.S. charity says it has purchased 24 contested Native American artifacts from a French auction house in order to return them to tribes who sought to block their sale.

Bosnia investigates loss of EU funding

12/11/2013 5:42am
The Bosnian prosecutor's office says it is investigating who is at fault after the European Union halved the country's funding because its squabbling leaders have not changed the constitution to allow more rights for minorities.

German court dismisses Afghan airstrike case

12/11/2013 6:10am
A court in Germany has dismissed a civil case brought by relatives of some of the 91 Afghans killed in a NATO airstrike four years ago.

Denmark's foreign minister resigns in poor health

12/11/2013 6:28am
Denmark's foreign minister says he is resigning after doctors uncovered a blood clot in his heart.

Crane collapses on German supermarket, 1 dead

12/11/2013 6:57am
A building crane collapsed Wednesday onto a supermarket in western Germany, killing one person and injuring at least five others, police said.

Audit: EU pays Palestinians in Gaza who don't work

12/11/2013 7:23am
The European Union should stop paying the salaries of Palestinian civil servants in Gaza who don't work, EU auditors recommended Wednesday.

Anne Frank chestnut tree stolen from German school

12/11/2013 7:26am
Police say a sapling cloned from the tree that lifted Anne Frank's spirits while she hid from the Nazis in Amsterdam has been felled and stolen from outside a school in Frankfurt bearing the name of the Jewish teenage diarist.

German in CIA case sentenced over prison assault

12/11/2013 7:39am
A German man who says the CIA illegally whisked him to a secret prison in Afghanistan has been jailed for hitting and threatening a prison officer in an unrelated case in Germany.

UK police: 4 arrested over cybertheft from banks

12/11/2013 8:24am
Four people have been arrested by detectives investigating the suspected theft of 1 million pounds ($1.6 million) from two U.K. banks, police in London said Wednesday.

Cameron explains selfie at Mandela memorial

12/11/2013 9:36am
British Prime Minister David Cameron said he was only being polite when he posed for a selfie photo at Nelson Mandela's memorial service _ deflecting complaints that he was being disrespectful during the occasion.

Germany monitoring 17 fighters returned from Syria

12/11/2013 10:01am
German authorities say they are monitoring the activities of 17 Islamic extremists who have returned to Germany after fighting in Syria.

Russia adopts symbol of its currency, the ruble

12/11/2013 10:15am
Russia's Central Bank has adopted an official symbol for the national currency, the ruble, which has been approved in a public vote.

Russia may answer conventional attack with nukes

12/11/2013 11:35am
Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to a conventional strike and sees them as a "great equalizer" reducing the likelihood of aggression, a senior Russian official said Wednesday.

Ukraine's president is a political survivor

12/11/2013 2:23pm
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has a history of being humiliated, most memorably in the 2004 Orange Revolution that deprived him of the presidency.