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Spain arrests 4 Hells Angels in large cocaine bust

09/14/2013 6:56am
Four members of the Hells Angels have been arrested in northwest Spain for allegedly smuggling 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) of cocaine into the county with the aim of distributing it, the Interior Ministry said in a statement Saturday.

Glance: US-Russia agreement on Syria weapons

09/14/2013 9:11am
Highlights of the U.S.-Russian deal establishing a framework to secure and destroy Syria's chemical weapons.

US-Russia agreement on Syria baked from scratch

09/14/2013 10:44am
Here's what it took to produce Saturday's U.S.-Russian deal on Syria's chemical weapons: three days of intense, tough, round-the-clock negotiating spurred by an abrupt U.S. policy change based on a surprise Russian proposal, according to American officials involved in the talks.

Syrian opposition elects interim prime minister

09/14/2013 1:13pm
The main Western-backed opposition group in Syria has elected an interim prime minister as it seeks to firm up its standing as a viable political alternative there.

Canada's FM: Syria should not be given time

09/14/2013 1:44pm
Canada's foreign minister John Baird is calling Syria's offer to begin providing information on its chemical arsenal 30 days after it signs an international convention banning such weapons "ridiculous and absurd."

Lashings of sequins at London Fashion Week Day 2

09/14/2013 2:45pm
Sequins, sparkly embellishments, and lots of it. Day 2 of London Fashion Week saw a mix of eccentric styles, but at least two designers agreed that "more is more" when it comes to piling on the glamor.