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Pirate attacks dropped 40 percent since 2011 peak

01/15/2014 2:25am
The seafaring association says that pirate attacks at sea have dropped 40 percent since their peak in 2011 thanks to a huge drop in attacks off Somalia.

UN drone crashes at eastern Congo airport

01/15/2014 5:23am
A military spokesman for the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Congo says a drone has crashed at the airport in the eastern city of Goma.

China condemns Japan leader on visit to Ethiopia

01/15/2014 5:45am
China's diplomatic assault on Japan's prime minister moved to another continent Wednesday, as China's top official at the African Union called the Japanese leader a troublemaker just after his three-country visit to Africa.

Somali militants moving into Kenya, official says

01/15/2014 6:55am
Dozens of foreign fighters have defected from the al-Qaida-linked militant group in Somalia due to internal disputes, and many of those men have moved into Kenya, a security official said.

Police detain 4 for Rwandan spymaster murder

01/15/2014 9:08am
Four Rwandans, including a senior military official, are being held in Mozambique in connection with the killing of a former Rwandan spymaster and await extradition to South Africa, Mozambique police said Wednesday.

UN drone crashes at eastern Congo airport

01/15/2014 9:11am
A United Nations drone was damaged on Wednesday after sliding off the runway into the grass while trying to land in the eastern Congo city of Goma, the U.N. special representative for the country said.

Nigerian council investigates alleged hit squads

01/15/2014 3:18pm
Nigeria's National Human Rights Council has named a 5-person panel to investigate claims President Goodluck Jonathan is training a hit squad to assassinate opponents in the run-up to 2015 elections.

Nowhere to go for S.Sudanese in C.African Republic

01/15/2014 5:40pm
Ibrahim Abakar sleeps with a machete at his side, terrified the darkness will bring death or disappearance as it did for his wife and young sons when armed Christian fighters showed up at their door in the capital of Central African Republic.