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Man knocked pregnant woman unconscious, charges state

03/20/2014 6:42am
Charges were filed Tuesday against a West Valley City man police say assaulted a woman who is seven months pregnant.

Import farm workers or import food, Utah farmer says

03/20/2014 6:50am
Utah farmers say they would love to see immigration reform, after a new report says the U.S. can either import farm workers or import food.

British court dismisses complaint against LDS Pres. Monson

03/20/2014 7:36am
A British court has thrown out a lawsuit against the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Thomas S. Monson.

House fire intentionally set, investigators say

03/20/2014 8:26am
Investigators say a house fire in Milford was intentionally set. The homeowner was hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt.

Sisters, brother outfit village children with glasses

03/20/2014 8:53am
A trio of siblings who headed an effort to establish a vision clinic in India last summer are raising more money to continue the clinic's effort.

Child angry about Oreos calls 911

03/20/2014 9:20am
A 911 call about a domestic situation turned out to be no emergency but the work of a disgruntled child.

'Amateurism is a myth': Athletes file class-action against NCAA

03/20/2014 10:06am
Calling the NCAA and five of the major athletic conferences a "cartel," an attorney representing four college athletes filed a class-action lawsuit against the NCAA on Monday, saying it was "illegally restraining competition for the services of players."

Russian lawmakers seal annexation of Crimea

03/20/2014 10:40am
The Russian parliament's lower house has given its near-unanimous approval to the country's annexation of Crimea, ignoring threats from Western powers of more sanctions.

'Flappy Bird' will fly back to app stores

03/20/2014 10:51am
Let the flapless among us take heart. "Flappy Bird," the now defunct mobile sensation, will one day rise like a phoenix and fling itself awkwardly into an app store near you.

Westboro Baptist pastor Fred Phelps Sr. dies at 84

03/20/2014 11:02am
The Rev. Fred Phelps Sr., the fiery founder of a small Kansas church who led outrageous and hate-filled protests that blamed almost everything, including the deaths of AIDS victims and U.S. soldiers, on America's tolerance for gay people, has died. He was 84.

Lawsuit filed after praying family escorted from Empire State Building

03/20/2014 11:33am
A New York family's hope for an enjoyable outing high atop Manhattan ended abruptly when the group was escorted out of the Empire State Building for saying Muslim prayers, according to a lawsuit.

Parenting from prison: The collateral damage of mandatory minimums

03/20/2014 11:43am
Stephanie Nodd was 22 when she landed in prison in 1988 for a first- time, nonviolent offense. For the next 22 years she struggled to be a good mom from behind bars, carrying out a mandatory minimum sentence that didn't seem to match the crime.

Smart tag changes color to tell when food goes bad

03/20/2014 11:45am
Those doubtful of the validity of expiration dates may soon have an alternative to smelling their food to determine if it is still edible or not.

5 places for lunch in Salt Lake under $5

03/20/2014 11:49am
Grabbing lunch with friends is awesome. Having to fork over $12 for a burger may not be quite as awesome.

Woman arrested in Taylorsville drug bust

03/20/2014 12:48pm
A woman was arrested Thursday after police found a large quantity of drugs during an early-morning drug bust.

Have You Seen This? Basset hound clown car

03/20/2014 1:16pm
There are not many things cuter than a floppy eared and droopy skinned basset hound. Except five floppy eared and droopy skinned basset hounds squeezing into a tiny dogloo.

Michelle Obama arrives in China for official visit

03/20/2014 1:35pm
First lady Michelle Obama is in China for an official visit to expand Sino-American relations, but she will refrain from talking about political differences.

5 actors that played college basketball

03/20/2014 2:02pm
With March Madness upon us here are five actors who actually played college basketball.

Is your neighborhood backward? 5 signs it might be

03/20/2014 2:20pm
What constitutes a backward neighborhood? Check out these five signs.

US general spared prison in sexual misconduct case

03/20/2014 2:21pm
The Army general at the center of a sexual misconduct case that put the military justice system itself on trial was spared prison Thursday and sentenced to a reprimand and a $20,000 fine — a punishment legal experts, a women's group and members of Congress decried as shockingly light.

Effective ways to deal with 3 of life's most common transitions

03/20/2014 3:22pm
Life is chock-full of transitions, whether large-scale or small. Through the emotional roller coaster, a few life skills may help to objectively look at the new situation, our feelings regarding it, and the clear choice of action.

Colonoscopy misses 6 percent of cancers

03/20/2014 4:02pm
A Utah population-based study reveals that about 6 percent of colorectal cancers are diagnosed within three to five years after a patient gets a clean colonoscopy report.

Woman killed in her Toquerville home identified

03/20/2014 4:45pm
The Washington County Sheriff's Office on Thursday released the name of a woman found shot to death inside her Toquerville home.

'Glee' turns 100, celebrates with nostalgia

03/20/2014 4:47pm
Are you still a Gleek? For the 100th episode of "Glee," the spotlight was shone on the original members of New Directions and the original heart of the show.

Utah tourists brought in record $7.4B, study says

03/20/2014 5:31pm
The tourism industry has been steadily growing, and preliminary numbers suggest the trend will continue through 2014, according to a new study from the University of Utah.

Army fugitive back in Kansas prison after 37 years

03/20/2014 6:27pm
Nearly 40 years after James Robert Jones walked away from the famed prison at Fort Leavenworth, he returned to military custody this week to find the historic structure gone and the corrections system changed.

Coping with stress the healthy way

03/20/2014 6:59pm
We all experience stress, and while we often make light of it, all that stress can have very serious mental and physical manifestations.

Salt Lake police make arrest connected to cold case killing

03/20/2014 7:09pm
Police on Thursday announced an arrest in connection with a 12- year-old cold case killing.

Babysitter accused of child abuse; baby in critical condition

03/20/2014 7:10pm
A Salt Lake man who had been watching an 8- month-old girl during the day while her mother went to work has been arrested for investigation of intentional child abuse.

Why happiness is healthy

03/20/2014 7:34pm
You might call it a sense of well-being, of optimism or of meaningfulness in life, although those could also be treated as separate entities. But whatever happiness is, we know that we want it, and that is just somehow good.

Australia checking 2 objects in search for plane

03/20/2014 7:35pm
An air search in the southern Indian Ocean for possible objects from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane described as the "best lead" so far ended for the day without success Thursday but will resume in the morning, Australian rescue officials said.

Rails Girls SLC teaches women to code

03/20/2014 8:07pm
The home of one of the oldest women's clubs in the United States will host a code conference for women Friday. Rails Girls SLC is a nonprofit conference aimed to give women tools for creating technology.

Wyo. man may owe EPA $75K per day for homemade pond

03/20/2014 8:40pm
The EPA is threatening to fine a Wyoming man 75 thousand dollars a day. The organization claims a pond the man built on his property to stock fish, let his kids play, and a spot where his horses can drink violates the Clean Water Act.

Utah soldier wounded in Afghanistan receives Purple Heart

03/20/2014 8:47pm
A Utah Army reservist was injured in Afghanistan three years ago this month received one of the nation's highest honors Thursday.

Bronze plaques stolen from Mormon pioneer cemetery in Neb.

03/20/2014 9:23pm
Thieves have removed bronze decorations and signs indicating the cemetery is the resting place of pioneers who were traveling west in the early days of the LDS church.

Proposed deer tunnel could prevent accidents

03/20/2014 10:01pm
The deaths of two people because of a deer collision has their family asking for safety improvements. The accident raised concern from residents, family and friends of the victims about the dangers of deer on the highway.

Avalanche-related death of BYU student sparks dispatch policy changes

03/20/2014 10:27pm
An avalanche in American Fork Canyon that killed a BYU student and controversy about the delayed response of medical personnel has resulted in changes being implemented for Utah County dispatchers.

Open houses across the state answer questions about college

03/20/2014 10:37pm
The state has launched a series of open houses to convince high school students and their parents college is a viable option. It is clearing up the misconceptions about higher education, starting with the most common: money.

Woman with lost tissue sample encourages doctor-patient communication

03/20/2014 10:52pm
A woman who almost went through unnecessary chemotherapy after her breast tissue sample was lost in the mail now has positive results to report.

Company revises ad to reflect toilet safety

03/20/2014 11:05pm
A company is rolling out a new ad campaign and offer for customers after a previous mailer featuring a child playing with a rubber ducky next to an open toilet drew criticism over insensitivity and safety concerns.