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AP PHOTOS: Muslims at C. African Republic church

06/05/2014 4:02am
Men so old their eyes are clouded with cataracts. Orphans who witnessed their parents' slaughter, left alone to make their way to safety. Widows caring for seven or more children, not sure how they will survive once they leave a church that has become their one place of safety from Central African Republic's religious violence.

8th-grade ceremony is end of schooling for Amish

06/05/2014 7:50am
Westview Junior/Senior High School held its eighth grade completion ceremony Tuesday.

Pope Francis shakes up Vatican financial watchdog

06/05/2014 8:11am
Pope Francis ousted the all-Italian board of the Vatican's financial watchdog agency Thursday and installed a more international set of experts following clashes between the board and the agency's director.

Tibetan exiled gov't reaffirms dialogue commitment

06/05/2014 8:51am
The Tibetan government-in-exile on Thursday reaffirmed its commitment to the "Middle Way" approach of engaging China through dialogue to achieve a meaningful autonomy for Tibetans within the country.

Columbus Catholic teachers must sign agreements

06/05/2014 8:51am
Employees of Roman Catholic schools in Columbus are being required to sign updated contracts that include specific examples of immoral conduct that are prohibited.

Sudanese woman appeals 'apostasy' death sentence

06/05/2014 9:50am
A Sudanese woman sentenced to death for refusing to recant her Christian faith after allegedly converting from Islam has appealed the sentence, her lawyer said.

German Parliament extends Holocaust pensions

06/05/2014 10:41am
Germany's Parliament on Thursday approved a measure extending pension payments totaling nearly a half-billion dollars for thousands of elderly Jews who were forced to work for the Nazis in ghettos.

Catholic group exempt from contraceptives rule

06/05/2014 11:31am
A federal judge has granted nearly 200 Catholic employers an injunction to temporarily prevent the U.S. government from forcing them to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives.

Muslim fleeing domestic violence have place to go

06/05/2014 7:41pm
She had no clue what abuse meant when she came to the U.S. two years ago, suddenly a target of her new husband's angry alcoholism.