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Opinion: What does attacking the religious say about America and free speech?

02/04/2014 10:48am
In leaving a prestigious and well-paid position with a law firm to defend Utah's Amendment 3 defining marriage between a man and woman, Gene Schaerr came under attack for his religious convictions. What does this say about America and free speech?

Pope: 'unjust' unemployment can mean sin, suicide

02/04/2014 11:11am
Pope Francis extolled the benefits of sharing wealth with the poor on Tuesday, warning that "unjust" social conditions like unemployment can lead to sin, financial ruin and even suicide.

Hero or traitor? Pope's aide in Polish controversy

02/04/2014 11:15am
One of the cardinal rules in the Catholic church: obedience to the pope. So it has come as a shock for many in the Catholic world that John Paul II's most trusted confidant has betrayed the beloved pontiff's last will and testament by publishing personal notes he wanted burned.

Excerpts from John Paul II's published notes

02/04/2014 11:22am
Here are translated excerpts from "Very Much in God's Hands. Personal Notes 1962-2003," a collection of John Paul II's personal notes that his closest confidant is publishing _ in defiance of the pope's will. The book comes out in Polish on Wednesday.

Vatican surveys find Catholics reject sex rules

02/04/2014 5:51pm
New surveys commissioned by the Vatican show that the vast majority of Catholics in Germany and Switzerland reject church teaching on contraception, sexual morality, gay unions and divorce, findings remarkable both in their similarity and in the fact that they were even publicized.

Pastors create first Bible class for students in Cedar City

02/04/2014 9:04pm
Pastors from several Christian denominations in Cedar City created the first Bible class for students during school hours.