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Court: forced C-section was medically justified

12/06/2013 8:12am
A newly released court judgment says that doctors were medically justified in forcing a woman to have a cesarean section last year because it was in her best interests.

Sundance Film Festival announces kids' section

12/06/2013 8:32am
The 2014 Sundance Film Festival will include a Sundance Kids section aimed at introducing younger audiences to independent film.

'Swagger wagon' for kids comes with up to $1800 price tag

12/06/2013 8:31pm
Picture this: you're cruising smoothly along on custom wheels, wind in your hair, back propped up against luxury cushions — all while watching something truly spectacular on your state-of-the-art DVD player. A new ride can give you that experience — if you're a toddler, that is.