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Teens in shootout may be tied to crime spree, police say

Pat Reavy  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 2:14pm

Police say it was fortunate that no one was injured in a shootout between two moving vehicles Thursday night.

Cruz coming to Utah to campaign for Herrod; Ainge announces state lawmaker support

Lisa Riley Roche  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 1:54pm

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the winner of Utah's GOP presidential caucus vote last year, will be in Utah on July 29 to rally for 3rd Congressional District Republican primary candidate Chris Herrod.


Spicer resigns as White House press secretary; Sanders picked as replacement

Ken Thomas and Julie Pace, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 1:25pm

White House press secretary Sean Spicer abruptly resigned his position Friday, ending a rocky six-month tenure that made his news briefings defending President Donald Trump must-see TV. He said Trump's White House "could benefit from a clean slate."

Have You Seen This? Man free dives deepest pool in the world with one breath

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 1:18pm

This guy dived 131 feet deep on one breath of air. This may be the most anxiety producing thing you seen all week.


'You cannot hide': Takedown of world's largest darknet drug market

Parker Atkinson, Deseret News  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 12:12pm

The growth and popularity of the dark web has created an online haven for drugs, allowing users, manufacturers and sellers to create and popularize novel new substances. But despite the challenges involved, law enforcement continues to fight back.

4 nutrition tips to honor your health without dieting

Emily Fonnesbeck, Contributor  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 12:07pm

Nutrition can feel very overwhelming and confusing, and health concerns only make it more so. It's easy to either throw your hands up or go on a diet. Here are four tips to help you honor your health without it feeling obsessive or preoccupying.

Judge approves resignation deal for Recorder Gary Ott

Katie McKellar  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 11:45am

A judge on Friday approved the resignation agreement between the family of embattled Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott and the county.

From Left Field: Dodgers organist pays tribute to Linkin Park singer

Carter Williams,  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 11:31am

The Dodgers organist pays tribute to Chester Bennington who died Thursday. Also, a fan misses two shots at a foul ball and Sergio Garcia loses a battle with a bush.

Utah, Idaho men summit 19 tallest Utah peaks in under 33 hours, set new record

Arianne Brown, Contributor  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 11:06am

On July 8, famed Utah ultrarunner, Jared Campbell, alongside Idaho friend, Luke Nelson, set a new record for summiting all of the 13,000-plus foot peaks in Utah.

Joe Ingles plans to give some of his contract to underprivileged families in Utah

Andy Larsen,  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 10:52am

Joe Ingles told an Australian paper that he wants to use some of his new $52 million contract to help underprivileged families in Utah. In other news, Jazz players are participating in basketball camps and charity games around the globe.

'Darknet' suspect's flashy cars raised eyebrows in Thailand

Kaweewit Kaewjinda, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 10:32am

The neighbors had their suspicions.

US to ban Americans from traveling to North Korea

Matthew Lee and Josh Lederman, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 10:12am

American citizens will be barred from traveling to North Korea next month following a prohibition on using U.S. passports to enter the country, the State Department said Friday.

Elon Musk says he has 'verbal approval' to build New York-DC hyperloop

Jackie Wattles, CNN  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 10:01am

New York to DC in half an hour.

Wildlife officials hope updated tech will give them an edge as black bear numbers rise

Brianna Bodily  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 9:24am

Busy biologists are getting a small boost with updated tech, as they try to keep up with Utah's rising number of bears.

Tribe wants centuries-old remains found in Idaho

Keith Ridler, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 9:03am

At least one tribe will seek possession of human bones found protruding from an Idaho badger hole after tests determined they weren't from modern day homicide victims but belonged to people who lived five centuries ago.

Idaho resident catches record-breaking 57-pound trout in Utah

Shelbie Harris, Idaho State Journal  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 8:48am

After landing a monster, 57-pound lake trout, Soda Springs resident Sidney Cellan has reeled his way into the Utah record books.

Man spends years standing on street, waving at West Valley drivers

Andrew Adams  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 8:25am

Max Diaz spends countless hours waving at every car he sees from his spot along Cultural Center Drive, and he’s been doing it for years.

Washington County rolls out multi-agency effort to bust cycle of poverty

Julie Applegate, St. George News  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 8:00am

A coalition of public, private and government organizations is aiming to break the cycle of poverty in Washington County.

5 Utah companies that are pioneers in their industries

Holland & Hart  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 8:00am

After being named a hot spot for startup and tech by multiple national media sources, it's no surprise that Utah is breeding industry leaders from all fields.

Dabakis: Time right to reconsider Medicaid expansion after ACA replacement sputters

Ben Lockhart  |  Posted   Jul 21st - 7:45am

State Sen. Jim Dabakis wants to see the state of Utah to again consider large scale Medicaid expansion, saying the Affordable Care Act is "here to stay" after an effort to replace the law failed this week.


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