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Security, parking, garbage irk Ivanka Trump's DC neighbors

Ben Nuckols, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 25th - 7:36am

Residents of a posh Washington neighborhood say the Trump clan doesn't make for very good neighbors, hogging parking on an already crowded street and leaving trash bags rotting on the curb. A big part of the complaint: a huge security presence, with even a trip to the playground requiring three vans.

AP FACT CHECK: The week when Trump's wiretap accusation died

Calvin Woodward and Jim Drinkard, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 25th - 7:00am

President Donald Trump's accusation that his predecessor ordered snooping of his communications has fallen apart, slapped down by the FBI chief and again by the Republican leading the House intelligence committee, a Trump ally. The president gave up on arguing that Barack Obama tapped his phones, and he doesn't give up on anything easily.

Latest Rikers brutality case fuels debate over jail's future

Tom Hays, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 25th - 6:56am

The latest in a string of brutality cases against Rikers Island guards has added fuel to a growing debate on whether New York City's notoriously violent jail complex has become so dysfunctional it should be shut down.

Gorsuch hearings show him as careful, folksy, testy at times

Mark Sherman, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 25th - 6:32am

Nominees appearing before the Senate all have one goal in mind: Win confirmation. And when one party controls the Senate and the White House, the strategy of saying as little as possible doesn't vary much. But because Supreme Court nominees spend several long days in televised hearings, they still manage to reveal a few things about themselves, professionally and personally.

Police: Florida man cited for eating pancakes in the street

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 25th - 5:20am

Authorities say they've charged a Florida man recorded on video sitting in the street eating pancakes.

US immigration judge grants asylum to Singapore teen blogger

Sophia Tareen, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 25th - 12:11am

A blogger from Singapore who was jailed for his online posts blasting his government was granted asylum to remain in the United States, an immigration judge ruled.

US immigration judge grants asylum to Singapore teen blogger

Sophia Tareen, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 10:54pm

A teenage blogger from Singapore whose online posts blasting his government landed in him jail was granted asylum to remain in the United States, an immigration judge in Chicago ruled Friday.

Survey: 15 percent of women on UT campus report being raped

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 10:31pm

A survey of University of Texas undergraduates reports that 15 percent of women reported being raped on the flagship Austin campus.

Wyoming highway deaths spur awareness campaign

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 9:53pm

Wyoming transportation officials are planning to display five different safety messages on signs scattered throughout the state following a recent spate of highway deaths.

Sacramento man arrested in killing of 2 adults, 2 juveniles

Don Thompson and Paul Elias, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 9:31pm

Police arrested a 56-year-old man who works for the state Friday on suspicion that he killed two adults and two children in a quiet Northern California neighborhood.

Army vet awarded Bronze Star for bravery in Vietnam battle

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 9:12pm

An Army veteran was awarded the Bronze Star this week for his heroism in a Vietnam War battle that left more than 50 fellow U.S. soldiers dead and close to 200 injured.

Montana bill seeks abortion ban on 'pain-capable' fetuses

Bobby Caina Calvan, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 8:56pm

The Montana Senate on Friday advanced a proposal seeking to extend protections to so-called "pain-capable" fetuses.

Chicago teen apparently raped on Facebook Live relocated

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 8:30pm

The 15-year-old Chicago girl who authorities say was raped while around 40 people viewed it live on Facebook has been relocated with her family.

The Latest: Officer convicted of manslaughter in boy's death

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 8:14pm

The Latest on murder trial of a law enforcement officer charged in the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy (all times local):

AP NewsAlert

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 8:14pm

Jury finds Louisiana law enforcement officer guilty of manslaughter in shooting death of 6-year-old boy .

Outlook good as formerly conjoined twins leave NY hospital

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 7:50pm

Formerly conjoined twins from the Dominican Republic have left a New York hospital two months after surgery to separate them.

Utah police: .05 DUI law may mean new training, standards

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 7:40pm

Some Utah police say a new law giving the state the strictest DUI threshold in the country could change how officers screen people for DUI and look for signs someone's blood alcohol level is over the new 0.05 percent limit.

Study: Chicago stop-and-frisk numbers drop, more work needed

Don Babwin and Sophia Tareen, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 7:07pm

A study of the Chicago Police Department's stop-and-frisk procedures released Friday revealed a dramatic decrease in the number of stops since an American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois lawsuit, but found that officers were still targeting racial minorities.

Chronic, affluent Kansas shoplifter gets prison time

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 6:54pm

An affluent suburban Kansas City woman with a history of shoplifting was sentenced Friday to a year and seven months in prison for her thefts of tens of thousands dollars of items, often peddled out of her nearly $1 million home.

Man sentenced in death of pregnant ex-girlfriend in Hawaii

Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 24th - 6:50pm

A judge sentenced a man Friday to life in prison with the possibility of parole in the murder of his ex-girlfriend who disappeared while pregnant with his child in Hawaii.