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Arkansas Supreme Court strikes city's LGBT protections

Andrew Demillo, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 10:07am

The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a city's ordinance banning discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation or gender identity, but it stopped short of saying whether a state law aimed at prohibiting such local LGBT protections is constitutional.

Man drives off highway after girlfriend killed herself there

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 10:00am

Authorities say a man attempted suicide by driving off a California mountain road hours after his girlfriend killed herself in the same manner at the same spot.

No charges for operator of Colorado drone that spooked horse

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:48am

Authorities in southwest Colorado say no charges will be filed against the operator of a low-flying drone that spooked a horse, causing the horse to dart into a crowd and injuring three people last weekend.

Barricaded man dies after 4-hour standoff with deputies

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:48am

A man is dead following a four-hour standoff with law enforcement that ended with a SWAT team blowing a hole in the side of his central Florida house.

Syrian immigrant mayor says town won't be a sanctuary city

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:40am

A Syrian immigrant mayor says his New Jersey town will not be a sanctuary city for immigrants illegally living in the United States.

Indiana store sells winning $435 million Powerball ticket

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:35am

Lottery officials say the sole winning ticket for an estimated $435 million Powerball jackpot was sold at an Indiana convenience store.

UW student government considers flying LGBT pride flag

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:35am

The University of Wyoming's student government is considering adding a flag commonly associated with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride on the university campus.

NYC lowers cost estimate for presidential protection

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:30am

New York City has lowered its cost estimate for guarding President Donald Trump, his family and their Manhattan residence.

New Yale Law dean stresses standing up for rule of law

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:26am

As the next dean of Yale Law School, Heather Gerken says a key challenge will be figuring how best to stand up for the rule of law.

$3.35M settlement for family of black teen killed by officer

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:25am

Relatives of an unarmed black teenager who was fatally shot by police in Madison, Wisconsin, say they have settled a federal civil rights lawsuit for $3.35 million.

Mnuchin promises tax reform will pass by August

Chris Isidore  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:24am

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is promising that the Trump administration will get tax reform passed by August, although he says it will be years before it kicks economic growth into a higher gear.

Stray bullet bounces off Oregon woman's head

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 9:08am

Police say a Central Oregon woman suffered a small bump when a stray bullet crashed into her home and bounced off her head.

Authorities plan case update on teacher missing since 2005

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 8:59am

Authorities in rural south Georgia say they plan to update the public on their 11-year search for a missing teacher.

Protests erupt after off-duty LA officer clashes with teens

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 8:47am

Dozens of people were arrested early Thursday after they clashed with police near a Southern California home where a Los Angeles policeman fired a single round during an off-duty struggle with a 13-year-old boy and the boy's companions earlier in the week.

Snowstorm hits much of Wyoming

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 8:43am

Much of central, east-central and southern Wyoming is being hit by a snowstorm that has closed highways and schools.

Advocates urge judge to keep injunction on Yellowstone dam

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 8:40am

Wildlife advocates are urging a federal judge to keep in place an injunction blocking a $57 million irrigation dam and fish passage proposed for the Yellowstone River.

Some San Jose residents return to waterlogged homes

Janie Har, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 8:27am

Some residents returned home to sort through waterlogged furniture, toys and clothing after being abruptly evacuated when a surging creek carrying engine fuel and sewage water inundated thousands of homes in San Jose.

Woman says billboard's message slams gender equality

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 8:03am

Women are planning this weekend to protest a North Carolina billboard with a message they say is a slam on gender equality, according to media reports.

Mom's boyfriend waives hearing in teen death, dismemberment

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 8:00am

A Pennsylvania man charged with raping, killing and dismembering his girlfriend's 14-year-old daughter has waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Eat more fruit and vegetables for a longer life, researchers say

Judith Vonberg, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 7:56am

Eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day could significantly reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and early death, according to new research.