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Man sentenced for using Xbox chat to ask for boys' nude pics

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 9:40am

A convicted pedophile who used the messaging service on his Xbox to solicit nude photos from four boys in three states is heading to prison.

SW Idaho man's request to withdraw guilty plea rejected

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 9:14am

An Idaho man who pleaded guilty to a shooting that seriously wounded a 10-year-old girl will not be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea.

Police: Texas officer faked his own death, fled into Mexico

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 8:50am

Authorities in Texas say a police officer who notified his wife that he planned to kill himself actually faked his own death and fled to Mexico.

Winter lingered in northern New England, and so will the mud

Patrick Whittle, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 8:34am

Spring is in the air. But mud is on the ground, and will be for a while.

AP Explains: Can chronic meth use lead to psychosis?

Michael Balsamo, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 8:30am

Over the past seven years, Los Angeles jail officials have seen a nearly 50 percent increase in the number of mentally ill inmates, a rise the sheriff attributes to methamphetamine use.

Prosecutors won't seek death penalty in S. Idaho killing

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 8:16am

Prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against two Buhl men accused of killing a high school student last year.

Hacker threatens to release stolen copies of Netflix series

Michael Liedtke, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 8:09am

A hacker claims to have stolen the upcoming season of Netflix's hit series "Orange Is The New Black," and is demanding that the video streaming service pay an unspecified ransom to prevent all the new episodes from being prematurely released online.

3 killed when air ambulance crashes in Texas Panhandle

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 8:07am

Authorities say three people are dead after an air ambulance crashed overnight in Texas just south of the airport in Amarillo.

North Dakota official faces recall threat for refugee claims

Dave Kolpack, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 7:36am

A firebrand commissioner in Fargo wondered out loud during a council meeting last September how much money North Dakota's largest city was spending on its decades-old refugee resettlement program, comments he has since backed up with speculation linking immigration to crime.

Former officer charged with hitting kids with car, killing 1

Freida Frisaro, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 7:12am

A Florida sheriff's deputy was sleeping when his 11-year-old daughter called and asked him to pick her up at her school bus stop. Seconds later, his daughter screamed into the phone. "Dad, help me, help me!"

Police seeking charges, say bounty hunters shot 2 men

Sheila Burke, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 7:12am

Police in Tennessee say they are asking a grand jury to bring charges because investigators believe bounty hunters shot two men in a wild incident last weekend in which one of the men was fatally wounded.

Body found believed teen hiker; step-grandmom still missing

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 6:28am

The fate of a woman who went missing two weeks ago while on a Grand Canyon hike with her step-grandson remains an unknown while their family awaits the positive identification of a body found in the park and believed to be the 14-year-old boy.

Grand Canyon: Found body likely teenage boy from Tennessee

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 1:14am

The Grand Canyon National Park says a body that was found on Friday is likely of a 14-year-old hiker who went missing nearly two weeks ago while in the bottom of the canyon during a family trip.

Trump to NRA: 'You have a true friend in the White House'

Lisa Marie Pane, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 12:48am

For nearly a decade, gun owners felt like they were living on pins and needles, worried about gun rights being taken away and feeling as though their way of life was scorned and under attack.

Critics question top US prosecutor's style after blunt words

Sadie Gurman, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 29th - 12:48am

With two dust-ups in a week, first with a judge in Hawaii and another with leaders of the nation's largest and most powerful police department, Attorney General Jeff Sessions sounds to some more like the conservative senator from Alabama he once was rather than the top prosecutor he is today.

US executions: New troubles could resonate in upcoming case

Andrew Welsh-Huggins, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 28th - 11:54pm

Is unorthodox the same as cruel and unusual punishment?

Father of missing boy says he's desperate to find son

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 28th - 11:52pm

The father of a 5-year-old boy reported missing about a week ago in California has released a statement saying he is desperate to find his son, on the same day homicide detectives searched his home.

Man arrested in machete attack at Kentucky university coffee shop

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 28th - 9:47pm

A man armed with a machete asked about the political affiliations of people at a university coffee shop Friday morning before injuring two females in central Kentucky, a witness said.

Famed Houston lawyer Richard 'Racehorse' Haynes dies at 90

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 28th - 9:05pm

Houston lawyer Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, famed for his flamboyant but successful trial defenses of millionaire and billionaire clients in some of Texas' most notorious murder cases, has died at age 90.