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Cake: The new favorite mode for American political debate?

Deepti Hajela, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 10:02am

It should be a piece of cake. Customer comes in, asks for a cake with a specific design or for a particular event, baker makes it, everyone's happy.

Judge, 93, peeved by incomplete housing discrimination case

Ed White, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 9:20am

A Detroit-area community that targeted blacks by demolishing poor neighborhoods is scrambling to come up with money to finally end the case — 44 years after a federal judge found clear evidence of discrimination.

After 3 years, Jordan refugee camp for Syrians now a city

Karin Laub, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 5:50am

Only empty desert three years ago, the Mideast's largest camp for Syrian civil war refugees has grown from a town of tents into a bustling city.

Subway sandwich artists set world record in Las Vegas

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 1st - 9:11pm

Subway's "sandwich artists" cranked out a record number of their lunchmeat masterpieces in Las Vegas on Saturday.

HSBC profit rises 10 percent, bank selling Brazil unit

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 11:30pm

HSBC Holdings PLC, Europe's biggest bank, said Monday that strong performance in Asia helped to boost first-half profit by 10 percent. The bank also announced the sale of its Brazil business for $5.2 billion.

Obama to unveil final power plant emissions limits on Monday

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 4:20pm

President Barack Obama is moving ahead with even tougher greenhouse gas cuts on American power plants, setting up a certain confrontation in the courts with energy producers and Republican-led states.

Efforts to repeal new tax could formally launch this week

Michelle Rindels, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 2:31pm

Republicans angry that Nevada lawmakers approved a $1.1 billion tax package this spring, just months after voters overwhelmingly rejected a tax hike on the ballot, are launching efforts to repeal it and kick some of its backers out of office.

Nigeria: Review of soldiers condemned in Boko Haram war

Michelle Faul, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 11:21am

Nigeria's army is reviewing the courts-martial of more than 600 soldiers and officers, including dozens condemned to death for allegedly deserting the battle against Islamic extremists, according to an order received by The Associated Press on Sunday.

Canadian rivers: Solution to Northeast's high energy prices?

Rik Stevens, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 10:41am

Plenty of raw electricity sloshes around in Quebec's rivers and reservoirs, promising relief for U.S. northeasterners, who pay the nation's highest power costs. But getting those electrons to smartphones and air conditioners in Boston, Hartford and New York City is another matter entirely.

Idaho brewery to change name of flagship beer

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 10:10am

An Idaho craft brewery has to change the name of its most popular beer after facing a cease-and-desist letter from another brewer.

Iran cuts welfare rolls to ease budget crisis

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 9:51am

Iran said Sunday it will stop giving cash handouts to another million of its wealthiest citizens in order to ease a budget crisis caused in part by plunging oil prices and sanctions linked to its disputed nuclear program.

Nonprofit buys 2 historic movie theaters in Vermillion

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 8:10am

A nonprofit trying to improve Vermillion's downtown cultural attractions has acquired two historic movie theaters with help from the University of South Dakota and other groups.

Community-sponsored agriculture produces satisfied customers

Wade Livingston-Mail, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 7:50am

"You know the worst part about this?" Pam McDevitt joked last Tuesday as she picked up her weekly load of produce. "The pressure to use up all this" — she gestured to the corn and cantaloupes and tomatoes — "before Sunday!"

Malaysian official: New debris found in Reunion belongs to 'domestic ladder,' not a plane part

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 6:20am

Malaysian official: New debris found in Reunion belongs to 'domestic ladder,' not a plane part.

Obama to require steeper emissions cuts from US power plants

Josh Lederman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 1st - 11:50pm

President Barack Obama will impose even steeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants than previously expected, senior administration officials said Sunday, in what the president called the most significant step the U.S. has ever taken to fight global warming.

Verizon workers to stay on job without new contract

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 1st - 11:20pm

Verizon and unions representing workers in nine states said employees will work without a contract as more negotiations are scheduled.

Hospital: Patient has chicken pox, poses no health risk

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 1st - 10:20pm

A Kentucky hospital locked down its emergency room for nine hours Saturday, after a patient arrived covered with sores and doctors feared a potential threat to the public's health.

Prosecutor: Texas AG indicted for felony securities fraud

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 1st - 8:01pm

A grand jury has indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on felony securities fraud charges that accuse the Republican of misleading investors before he took over as the state's top law enforcement officer, a special prosecutor said Saturday.

Conservative donor Koch urges end to 'corporate cronyism'

Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 1st - 7:41pm

Billionaire industrialist and conservative political donor Charles Koch welcomed a group of roughly 450 like-minded fundraisers to one of his twice-annual conferences Saturday by challenging them to advocate for ending "corporate cronyism" - even if those policies help their businesses.