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Auditors warn of shortfalls at Greece, Italy migrant centers

Lorne Cook, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 4:43am

Migrant centers in Greece and Italy meant to fast-track the arrival of people seeking sanctuary in Europe are overwhelmed and urgently require more experts, particularly to help vulnerable children traveling alone, European Union auditors warned Tuesday.

Gov't shutdown, health bill rescue at stake in Congress

Alan Fram and Andrew Taylor, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 4:34am

Bipartisan bargainers are making progress toward a budget deal to prevent a partial federal shutdown this weekend, a major hurdle overcome when President Donald Trump signaled he would put off his demand that the measure include money to build his border wall with Mexico.

L.L. Bean orders delayed after systems upgrade problem

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 4:20am

Outdoors retailer L.L. Bean says a systems upgrade is causing shipping delays.

Nepal makes scant progress in rebuilding 2 years after quake

Binaj Gurubacharya, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 4:13am

The paved alleys are still lined by the skeletons of homes once filled with families. Shop shelves are empty, and the water well in the center of town remains clogged by fallen debris. Children carefully side-step piles of broken brick on their way to school.

N. Korea watchers on why army's big day has taken a backseat

Foster Klug and Tim Sullivan, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 4:02am

The North Korean capital's broad, clean avenues were, by the authoritarian nation's usually over-the-top celebratory standards, fairly subdued ahead of Tuesday's 85th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Army.

Swiss drugs giant Novartis posts 15 percent drop in profit

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 4:00am

Swiss pharmaceuticals group Novartis says net income fell 15 percent in the first quarter as it continued to adjust to generic competition for its Gleevec leukemia drug and stopped work on a hoped-for treatment for heart failure.

ECB unlikely to signal stimulus end, despite French optimism

David McHugh, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 3:59am

Europe's strengthening economy dodged a banana peel when a pro-EU candidate won the first round of the French presidential election.

Ivanka Trump in Berlin to talk women's economic empowerment

David Rising, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 3:51am

Ivanka Trump is joining Chancellor Angela Merkel and others in Berlin on Tuesday for talks on encouraging women's economic empowerment on her first international outing as a White House adviser.

LVMH to consolidate hold on Dior in multibillion-euro deal

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 3:51am

The magnate behind LVMH is to incorporate Christian Dior into his luxury goods empire in a multibillion-dollar deal.

Global markets gain higher as French election rally lingers

Elaine Kurtenbach, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 3:41am

Shares were higher Tuesday in Europe and Asia as the rally driven by the outcome of France's vote persisted. Hopes for U.S. tax reform and a compromise on the U.S. budget deadline also lifted sentiment.

Ivanka Trump in Berlin to talk women's economic empowerment

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 3:33am

Ivanka Trump is in Berlin on her first international outing as a White House adviser, where she will join German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss ways to encourage women's economic empowerment.

South Africa rioters kill truckload of newly hatched chicks

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 3:22am

An animal protection group in South Africa says rioters attacked and burned a truck in which newly hatched chickens were being transported, killing 38,000 birds.

Smugglers become a lifeline for the starving in South Sudan

Sam Mednick, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 2:53am

Sadiq Mohammed climbs into the cab of a truck that looks more like a nightclub than a smuggler's perch. Red and yellow tassels dangle from the ceiling, while tapestry drapes much of the windshield. He switches on the electric fan above his head and nestles into the front seat, which he's fitted with a more comfortable lawn chair.

UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 2:51am

Britain's opposition Labour Party said Tuesday that it will tear up the government's negotiating plan for Brexit and guarantee all European Union citizens in the U.K. the right to stay if it wins the June 8 national election.

Trump's Mar-a-Lago loses State Department promotion posting

Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 2:11am

The State Department has removed its promotional posting about President Donald Trump's Florida resort, after a storm of ethics criticism.

A budget deficit challenge for Trump's tax plan

Josh Boak and Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 2:11am

President Donald Trump plans to stick with his campaign pledge to slash the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, but the dramatic cut raises a problematic question for the White House: How can the president deliver the "massive" tax cut he promised without also blowing a massive hole in the budget?

Study: Trump's hardball tactic on health care may backfire

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 1:54am

Going into this week's federal budget battle, the White House toyed with a hardball tactic to force congressional Democrats to negotiate on President Donald Trump's priorities.

Trump touts executive orders he once lambasted

Jonathan Lemire and Jill Colvin, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 1:44am

President Donald Trump will mark the end of his first 100 days in office with a flurry of executive orders, looking to fulfill campaign promises and rack up victories ahead of that milestone by turning to a presidential tool he once derided. But Trump's frequent use of the executive order points to his struggles getting legislation though a Congress controlled by his own party and few of the orders themselves appear to deliver the sweeping changes the president has promised.

Trump's 100-days promises: Fewer than half carried out

Jill Colvin and Calvin Woodward, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 1:44am

Sure enough, the big trans-Pacific trade deal is toast, climate change action is on the ropes and various regulations from the Obama era have been scrapped. It's also a safe bet President Donald Trump hasn't raced a bicycle since Jan. 20, keeping that vow.

Companies decry Trump plan to eliminate Energy Star program

Matthew Daly, Associated Press  |  Posted   Apr 25th - 1:25am

More than 1,000 U.S. companies, including some of the nation's largest manufacturers, are urging Congress to preserve the 25-year-old Energy Star program to promote efficiency in home and business products.