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Utahn's ‘Save Me Obama' song ranked No. 1 of 2009

By Keith McCord  |  Posted Jan 6th, 2010 @ 6:30pm


SALT LAKE CITY -- Whether it's the economy, health care or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans certainly have their opinions.

Some people write letters to the editor; others protest outside government buildings. In the case of a couple of Utah men, they express their thoughts with music.

Longtime Utah songwriter and composer Robert Lund has been creating music parodies for years. His songs have been heard on radio stations, TV commercials and PR videos, but this latest collaboration with writer Matt Sumsion has really received some attention.

"Normally, the songs that do well aren't political sons," Lund says. "This is the first time a political song has been No. 1 in seven, eight, 10 years."

The song, "Save Me Obama," was recently voted the No. 1 comedy song of 2009 by Dr. Demento, whose syndicated radio show has been on the air for three decades.

Using the tune from The Beatles "Lady Madonna," Lund, taking some creative license, sings about the great expectations that the president has talked about since taking office. For example: "Hug North Korea. Shoot hoops with Iran. Can we ask for everything? Yes we can!"

"That's basically what the song is about, of how President Obama's expectations can be fulfilled. And we kind of went overboard and said, ‘Gee, if you're going to say that then let's do this,'" Lund says.

Lund has had his songs featured on Dr. Demento's show for years; most take a look at the lighter side of various events that people are talking about. "Save Me Obama" could stay popular for a while yet.

"As long as Obama keeps making promises, this song will be No. 1 in 2010 too," Lund says.


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