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School of Rock Coming to Utah

   |  Posted Dec 24th, 2004 @ 3:03pm


John Hollenhorst Reporting

Chances are, you never imagined yourself strutting on stage like Mick Jagger or putting on make-up and a big-time show like KISS. But suppose you wanted to. How would you learn? Well, all of a sudden, there's an answer -- The School of Rock.

Somewhere out there, probably in his parents' garage, is some Utah kid practicing to be the next Mick Jagger. School's probably the last thing on his mind. But what if there was a School of Rock? You know, sort of like in the recent movie.

Well, a real-life version of that has been in existence since 1998. The kids performing at a festival in Germany were taught at the Paul Green School of Rock in Philadelphia. All star bands from the real School of Rock have performed at hundreds of concerts and clubs over the last few years.

The school has now announced plans for two branch campuses in the Salt Lake Valley. It's an after-school program aimed at teaching musicians extra performance skills, up to and including struttin' like a Rolling Stone.

Steve Auerbach, Paul Green School of Rock: “They will learn that too! They learn how to kick the mike stands up like Mick Jagger does. They learn all the little stage tricks. Learning teamwork, learning how to listen musically, how to develop your ear so you can hear what’s going on. And you can hear yourself relative to other instruments.”

The first of two Utah Schools of Rock should be in operation by February 1st, probably downtown in Arrow Press Square.

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