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Truck driver pulls in front of school bus, causing accident

   |  Posted Jun 11th, 2009 @ 4:05pm

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WEST JORDAN -- A man is in critical condition after he drove his truck in front of a bus full of students, causing an accident. Police say the truck driver had been drinking before the crash.

The accident happened Thursday around 8:30 a.m. near 4000 West and 9000 South. Police say Kevin Fullmer, 46, made a sudden left-hand turn in front of the school bus, then slammed into a pole.

Sgt. Drew Sanders, with the West Jordan Police Department, said, "There were 55 children on the bus, and luckily, none of them were injured seriously."

Though they were shaken up, they are all OK.

Student Chelsie Relph said, "We just slammed forward, it was scary … There were a lot of kids crying and calling their parents."

A few students reported some bruising, while others suffered some minor cuts from the shattered glass.

Parent Sheila Olschewski said, "My third-grader got some glass, just little specs on his face, just some little cuts. And then my sixth-grader wasn't injured, but he was shaken up just emotionally. It was really scary for them."

She says this is definitely concerning. "It makes me a little frustrated," she said. "It really does because it could have been much worse."

Chelsie said, "I hit my cheek, but I'm fine."

Police say the bus driver had little time to react, but did everything he could to try and stop the bus. Sanders said, "Based upon where the vehicles came to rest, all he could do was hit the brakes to decrease speed."

The impact sent the truck into a light pole, injuring the driver inside. Police say he suffered a head injury and was transported to hospital in critical condition.

They also know alcohol was definitely involved, but aren't sure to what extent.

As for the bus driver, we are told he doing OK, as well. He was taken for a drug screen, which is mandatory for any district driver involved in an accident. Police say he was not speeding and handled the situation very well.

Fullmer doesn't have any drunk-driving history that we know of. Police say they're waiting for blood alcohol test results before they recommend any charges.

The truck is totaled, and the school bus has some heavy, front-end damage.


Story compiled with contributions from Nicole Gonzales and Shara Park.


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