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High 5: Provo mom encourages others

By Brooke Walker  |  Posted May 8th, 2009 @ 8:24am


PROVO -- A Provo woman focuses on the sunny side of life although she has faced heartache. She's the recipient of this week's KSL High 5.

Losing a child is perhaps the toughest thing a mother can deal with. Tiffany Bishop lost a baby earlier this year to a condition called anencephaly, a congenital absence of part or all of the brain.

Tiffany learned about the condition while pregnant and started a blog to share her feelings and experiences. Through that blog Tiffany inspired hundreds of people and gave them the confidence to face their own challenges.

Her sister, Kristen Brady, nominated her for a High 5.

"She has been an amazing example to all of us. She lost her baby in January to anacephaly, and instead of turning it into a personal tragedy, she has really made it an opportunity to serve other people and give back to those. I just think she really deserves to be recognized for all that she does," Kristen said.

Tiffany received lots of words of comfort on her blog. To say thanks, she put together a week of giveaways on her blog to give back to the friends and family who had supported her.

"A lot of people would like thank me and would tell me I'm an amazing person. I don't believe it's true still, but somehow it helped them out," Tiffany said.

Tiffany says despite her sorrow, she didn't dwell on asking "why me?" "I never really felt angry about it or anything," she said.

"It was more ‘Why is this happening?' ‘What are we supposed to do from this?' ‘What are we supposed to learn and grow from this?' ‘What are we supposed to get out of this?'" she said.

Bad things happen to very good people sometimes, and what matters is how you handle it.

–- Janet Dustin, Tiffany's friend

That attitude and her honesty on her blog made an impact.

A friend, Janet Dustin, said, "She's taught me more than anyone I've every known about service and taking what comes to you in life and making the best out of it."

Tiffany says she never really made a conscious decision to turn this tragedy into a positive experience. But she, too, has walked away from the experience with a lesson learned.

"The biggest thing I've learned is probably empathy. I would have considered myself to have this cake walk life up until this point. Kristen here had a miscarriage like a year and a half ago, and I don't think it ever really hit me how hard of a thing that must have been," Tiffany said.

For now, she is a mother of two busy young boys and an example to many of true selflessness.

"Bad things happen to very good people sometimes, and what matters is how you handle it. Tiffany has taught me how to handle anything that comes up in my life," Janet said.

Tiffany received four family passes to the Living Planet Aquarium and family season passes to Seven Peaks in Provo as part of the High 5.

To nominate someone for a High 5, follow the link on this page.


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