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New Herriman school already filled to capacity before opening

By Dave McCann  |  Posted Aug 7th, 2013 @ 10:05pm

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HERRIMAN — A new middle school is opening in Herriman, and even before it welcomes its first student, the school is already too small.

Copper Mountain Middle School is being completed just in time for the new school year. Principal Kim Baker can't wait for the students to enjoy the new school.

"It is geothermal, heated and cooled," Baker said. "Our sidewalks as you come in past the curb are heated. They have coils underneath the sidewalks. We're talking safety. The kids are so excited. I started a Facebook page and the kids hop on there, and ask about lockers."

However, the school is already filled to capacity before even opening due to the rapid growth of the number of students in the Herriman area. School officials said they may have to add portable classrooms to the school in 2014.

"The only thing that makes me nervous is the growth, if I can provide enough places for kids to sit in my classrooms," Baker said.

The Jordan School District board approved a $495 million bond Tuesday night in response to the shortage of room for students. The bond will be open to a public vote in November.

"With that $495 million bond, that gets us through the next five years, we'll get eight new elementary schools, 2 new middle schools and one new high school," said Jordan School District director of communications Sandy Riesgraf.

Whether the bond is passed or not, Copper Mountain Middle School will take some of the pressure off the crowded middle schools in the district. New features, like a greenhouse for science classes, bring a different aspect to the educational experience, and Baker hopes her personal touch can inspire the students.

"You'll see in the different pods (in the hallways,) I have 'Class of 2019,' 'Class of 2017,' " Baker said. "They are bound to graduate and to go to college."

District officials said the bond would be a tax increase of about $20 per month for the average household.

An open house will be held at the new Copper Mountain Middle School Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.


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