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Closer Look: Unease Among Utah Republicans

   |  Posted Mar 14th, 2006 @ 3:02pm


Mary Richards reporting

The Republican Party is feeling some election year unease. Nationally, some republicans are trying to distance themselves from President Bush. But, locally the Republican Party has some different challenges, including finding candidates that the whole party can get behind.

The port security issue and President Bush's approval rating are creating some Republican Party in-fighting.

University of Utah Associate Professor of Political Science, Matthew Burbank, says in past election years Republicans have been on the same page as the president.

Exoro Group partner Lavarr Webb says the disarray could mean some changes.

But, Burbank and Webb say Utah's Republican Party has its own unique problems.

Burbank says the Utah Republican Party just lost its executive director, and it can not yet get behind a candidate in the second congressional district, which it wants to grab from Democrat Jim Matheson.

Burbank says the Republicans are used to winning, but they are having problems so it will be interesting to see how this election year turns out.

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