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Marshall University approves 5 percent tuition increase

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 1st - 2:50am

Marshall University in Huntington has approved a $119 million budget that will increase tuition by 5 percent.

After 16 years, man in 'Serial' murder case to get new trial

Juliet Linderman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 1st - 2:41am

After spending 16 years in prison for the killing of his former high school girlfriend, a man at the center of popular podcast "Serial" has a chance at freedom.

Washington flummoxed over federal Confederate flag displays

Andrew Taylor, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 1st - 2:30am

A year after South Carolina removed the Confederate flag from its capitol grounds, official Washington is struggling with further restrictions on the flag's display on federal property, including the U.S. Capitol complex.

'Active shooter' report at military base was false alarm

Jessica Gresko and Ben Nuckols, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 1st - 1:40am

A report of an "active shooter" at a military base outside Washington where the presidential plane Air Force One is stationed turned out to be a false alarm, though it locked down the base for more than an hour.

Man killed by bear had plenty of backcountry experience

Matt Volz and Matthew Brown, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 1st - 1:30am

The Montana man killed by a bear near Glacier National Park was intimately familiar with both the beauty and the danger of the wild and vast forest that spreads from the shadows of the park's rugged peaks.

Ex-basketball coach accusing of tipping off shooting suspect

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 1st - 1:20am

A Stamford Public Schools employee and former assistant high school basketball coach has been placed on leave amid charges that he tipped off a shooting suspect.

Police: Madison officer fatally shoots man in home invasion

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 1st - 1:00am

Madison police say an officer fatally shot a man after he emerged from a lake, broke into a home and "aggressed" toward the officer with a pitchfork.

Ruling keeps Iowa's ban on voting rights for felons in place

Ryan J. Foley, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 1st - 12:21am

For years, critics have regarded Iowa's policy of disenfranchising felons as an outrage in a state known for landmark civil rights rulings on slavery, gender equality and gay marriage.

Lawyer: Up to 1,000 DUI cases affected by breath test error

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 1st - 12:20am

Philadelphia police say their breath test machines have been recalibrated and returned to service after discovering they were improperly calibrated.

Officials: Boy, 8, critical after found in cruise ship pool

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 11:50pm

The U.S. Coast Guard says an 8-year-old boy who fell into a pool on a cruise ship off the coast of New Jersey and nearly drowned is in critical condition.

Minnesota juvenile center closes amid maltreatment inquiries

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 11:22pm

A juvenile treatment facility for boys in northern Minnesota has closed amid concerns about whether the privately-run center was following proper channels in reporting allegations of maltreatment.

New trial granted for Adnan Syed, subject of 'Serial' podcast

Emanuella Grinberg and Lauren Delvalle, CNN  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 11:11pm

A Baltimore judge has ordered a new trial for Adnan Syed, whose murder conviction was the focus of the first season of the popular "Serial" podcast.

Are we overusing the tribute of flying flag at half-staff?

Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 11:10pm

Nearly every day, somewhere in the country, the Stars and Stripes was lowered to half-staff last year in one of the most significant official gestures of mourning and respect, an Associated Press analysis found.

Federal judge blocks new Florida abortion law

Gary Fineout, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 11:01pm

A federal judge late Thursday put on hold key portions of a new Florida law that would block public funding for Planned Parenthood and greatly increase inspection requirements for abortion clinics.

Needle exchange opens in Ashland

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 10:50pm

A needle exchange program is starting in Ashland to give heroin users access to clean syringes.

2 lost WWI Purple Heart medals to be returned in New York

Chris Carola, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 10:50pm

A National Guard soldier's ongoing campaign to return lost Purple Heart medals to veterans or their families is taking him back to northern New York where his effort began five years ago.

Job training requirements starting for 52,000 on food stamps

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 10:30pm

New job training requirements are kicking in for thousands of non-working, childless adults in Louisiana who receive food stamps.

Federal judge blocks new Florida abortion law that adds restrictions for clinics

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 9:50pm

Federal judge blocks new Florida abortion law that adds restrictions for clinics.

Police chief injured, dog dies after vehicle rear-ended

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 30th - 9:20pm

Authorities say a Boise area police chief was injured and a police dog was killed in a vehicle crash.