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Great local fishing spots for those with limited mobility

Michael Radice  |  Posted  Oct 12th - 11:57am

Everyone enjoys the peace and quiet the backcountry has to offer and Utah has several areas that are easy to access by car for those with limited physical mobility.

SUU in the running for nation's 'most outdoorsy' college

McKenzie Romero  |  Posted  Oct 10th - 8:12pm

With days remaining in a contest judging the nation's "most outdoorsy" college, Southern Utah University students are heading outside to log daily adventures.

Utah tourism drives over $1B in tax revenues

Tori Jorgensen  |  Posted  Oct 10th - 12:35pm

Out-of-state tourists last year took memories of Utah home with them and left an unprecedented amount of money in the Beehive State. Visitors spent $7.8 billion in Utah, amounting to $1.07 billion in state and local tax revenues.

82-year-old Grantsville woman harvests 6x6 bull elk

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Oct 10th - 8:26am

While most grandmothers bake fresh bread or quilt, one Grantsville woman successfully hunted her first bull elk at the age of 82.

Park to begin charging for access to Provo River near Deer Creek Dam

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Oct 9th - 4:39pm

A new fee will be applied to access the Provo River in the 2-3 acre area near Deer Creek Dam that is managed by Deer Creek State Park.

Viral video shows paddleboarder's close encounter with whales

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Oct 9th - 12:09pm

An Australia native was in the right place at the right time to capture incredible footage of his friend paddleboarding amidst two giant whales. The video has since gone viral.

Test your knowledge of Utah's landmarks

Celeste Tholen Rosenlof  |  Posted  Oct 9th - 11:33am

Like our readers, we love Utah, from the sweeping vistas and the charms of the tiny towns. We created a quiz of photos taken throughout Utah of some of these places. Test your knowledge of Utah's places by taking our quiz below.

Utah tourism elevates to even greater success

Jed Boal  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 10:43pm

Over the last 10 years the state has witnessed 44 percent growth in tourism, compared with mid-30 percnet for neighboring states, and the future is just as bright according to state director of tourism.

Historic Timpanogos Cave marker uncovered by construction crews

Sam Penrod  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 9:01pm

The installation of a new water line in American Fork canyon has resulted in a historic find.

Lodging available for 1st time during winter in Bryce Canyon National Park

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 1:50pm

For the first time since it was founded, Bryce Canyon National Park will have lodging available inside the park during the winter months.

Video shows the world's best rock skipper in action

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 11:29am

A new YouTube video shows world champion rock skipper Kurt Steiner skip a rock across a small lake in Vermont. And it's impressive.

Help dig for dinosaurs with Utah Field House of Natural History

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 3:29pm

While it may be getting too cold to camp or hike in Utah's state parks, the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum offers a variety of indoor activities to entertain and educate families.

Local father, son hunt to survive 28 days in Alaskan wilderness on TV show

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 9:33am

After surviving brain cancer, a Fairfield man and his son were selected to go on the reality show "Dropped: Project Be Alive" to survive 28 days in the Alaskan wilderness.

Bear expert talks about behind-the-scenes of tranquilizing, tracking

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 11:57am

A Brigham Young University graduate student is fulfilling his life-long passion of studying bears — and he has some interesting stories to tell.

Change announced for fishing kokanee salmon in Utah

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 11:28am

Anglers should be aware of a new rule for fishing kokanee salmon that will take effect in Utah in 2016.

Quiz: Can you identify these iconic tourist spots around the US?

Gary Sorensen, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 2nd - 11:29am

There is so much to see and do in the United States. How much do you know about tourist destinations in the U.S.? Have fun testing your knowledge with this travel quiz about popular sites.

Trail cam shows elk sweetly head nodding before sleeping

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 1st - 3:00pm

Utah's DWR posted the video Tuesday, which is paired with Brahms' "Lullaby."

Product review: Belt-drive Classic from Priority Bicycles

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 1st - 11:29am

In the past decade, belt-drive bikes have gone from a novelty to a legitimate alternative to the traditional chain. This review looks at one of the most affordable models on the market: the Classic from Priority Bicycles.

Cabins, disc golf course coming to Willard Bay State Park

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 30th - 11:50am

While Willard Bay State Park currently offers a variety of recreational activities and amenities, park officials said new additions are coming including several cabins, a disc golf course, a fishing dock and an archery course.

Photos: What local fishing, hunting looked like 100 years ago

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Sep 29th - 11:38am

Utah has a rich history filled with Mormon heritage, industry and all things outdoors.