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Smartphones overtake desktops for holiday shopping

Mae Anderson, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 8:00am

If the beginning of the holiday season is any indication, it could be a merry mobile Christmas for shoppers.

BYU professor, student work with NASA to solve crowded airspace problem

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  Nov 26th - 3:41pm

U.S. airspace is more congested than ever. A BYU professor and his student are trying to help.

10 incredible 3D-printed objects

Corinn Sessions, Contributor  |  Posted  Nov 26th - 11:57am

Three-dimensional printing has taken the creative and scientific worlds by storm. Here are ten printed objects that prove creativity and technology can create endless possibilities, from a functional car to human body parts.

9 of the best phones for technophobic grandparents

Alice Williams, Contributor  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 11:45am

The smartphone is the new standard, but it can sometimes be difficult for older users to understand how they work. These are the 9 best phones for your technophobic relatives.

Scientists create new strain of malaria-blocking mosquito

Hilary Whiteman, CNN  |  Posted  Nov 25th - 8:59am

Scientists in the U.S. say they've created a new strain of mosquito that could eventually help eradicate malaria.

Google Fiber plans move along: What will it mean for SLC?

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, Contributor  |  Posted  Nov 24th - 11:45am

In Spring 2015 Google Fiber announced they would be laying their fiber optic network in Salt Lake City. What has been going on since then?

3 ways technology is improving nursing home care

Amy Osmond Cook, Contributor  |  Posted  Nov 23rd - 11:45am

New technology is transforming the way health care professionals address your biggest concerns regarding the quality of nursing home care and administration.

Absurdly hot October sets 8th heat record this year

Seth Borenstein, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 21st - 4:26pm

Even in a record-breaking hot year for Earth, October stood out as absurdly warm.

Kids helping U. researchers find treatment for childhood muscular dystrophy

Sandra Olney  |  Posted  Nov 20th - 8:01pm

A first of its kind study at the University of Utah is offering hope to families with children battling a rare disease. Researchers are watching these kids grow in an effort to find clues to a treatment for a childhood form of muscular dystrophy.

New technology aims to improve safety, fuel efficiency for truckers

Jasen Lee  |  Posted  Nov 20th - 6:34pm

A new technology being tested in Utah could improve big-rig safety and fuel efficiency on roadways. The Utah Department of Transportation Friday coordinated field tests of a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system targeted at the trucking industry.

Winnie-the-Pooh's skull goes on display, reveals sweet tooth

Sheena McKenzie for CNN  |  Posted  Nov 20th - 1:17pm

The skull of the bear which inspired children's books "Winnie-the-Pooh," has gone on public display for the first time — and it seems the animal's legendary sweet tooth left its mark.

8 ways to improve internet speed until you can get fiber

Cosette Jarrett, Contributor  |  Posted  Nov 20th - 11:45am

Residents of Provo already enjoy access to Google Fiber and Salt Lake City is scheduled to get it soon. But many suburban dwellers will have to wait a bit longer before they can sign up. Here are some speed tips for those who are still waiting.

Utah-based productivity app helps you stay on task

Devon Dewey  |  Posted  Nov 19th - 11:29am

If you need help keeping track of all your lists, tasks, and projects, then the Todo app is for you.

Small device turns old cars into smart cars

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Nov 18th - 11:45am

Do you wish your loyal old car had more modern perks? A popular new device on Kickstarter aims to provide drivers with the opportunity to upgrade to a connected car without actually purchasing a new vehicle.

Big Texas welcome for Google self-driving cars

Paul J. Weber and Justin Pritchard, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 17th - 4:47pm

With Google's self-driving cars slowed in a gridlock of California regulation, Texas is offering a fast lane.

Milky Way formed around oldest stars ever found, study says

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Nov 17th - 11:51am

Before the Milky Way Galaxy came to be, a group of stars was already hanging out in its future neighborhood.

Google antsy as California slow on self-driving car rules

Justin Pritchard, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 16th - 3:02pm

Hustling to bring cars that drive themselves to a road near you, Google finds itself somewhere that has frustrated many before: Waiting on the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Leonids meteor shower to peak around midnight Tuesday

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Nov 16th - 2:30pm

The annual Leonids meteor shower is about to peak. Sometime around midnight Tuesday the show of speedy meteors will reach its most active period of about 15 meteor sightings per hour, according to NASA.

Could Utah dinosaurs have a starring role in Godzilla's homeland?

John Hollenhorst  |  Posted  Nov 15th - 11:07pm

It's enough to make Godzilla proud. A proposal has surfaced for an exhibit in Japan — and possibly a permanent museum — featuring Utah dinosaurs.

SLC company awarded grant to capture sun's energy

Amy Joi O'Donoghue  |  Posted  Nov 14th - 9:56pm

Department of Energy Undersecretary for Science and Energy Dr. Lynn Orr toured labs at Ceramatec and announced a $2.4 million grant to the Salt Lake City company for a project designed to unlock the power of the sun in a more efficient way.