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Cleaning out your computer tower with PC Laptops

Jul 14th - 3:29pm

We know we should be regularly cleaning out our computers--deleting files we don't need any more and clearing out those cookies. But did you know you should actually be cleaning your physical computer too?

Women Tech Award finalists announced

Jul 10th - 2:08pm

Women Tech Council is here to unveil for the first time--the 17 women here in Utah who's work in tech has gone beyond Utah's borders and made them finalists for the Women Tech Awards.

Salt Lake Gaming Con expects thousands this weekend

Jul 3rd - 3:21pm

More than 80% of people play some sort of game. Experience all different types of games at Salt Lake Gaming Con.

How to take the best firework photos on your phone

Jul 3rd - 3:18pm

Don't fall victim to the bad firework photos! Cydni Tetro is here with a few best practices to give you the best shot--all on your iPhone.

The future of AI

Jun 30th - 3:02pm