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Talent Ready Utah promotes training for high tech jobs

Mar 27th - 1:45pm

We've talked about it a lot on this show--the growing need for qualified people to fill high tech jobs. And this month, Governor Gary Herbert signed a new bill designed to help Utahns prepare for those jobs.

Tech to keep your home safe

Mar 23rd - 1:51pm

As the temperatures rise, so do the number of home invasions and burglaries. There are lots of cool ways to keep an eye on your house, whether you're at work or on vacation.

SheTech expands to rural Utah location

Mar 22nd - 2:08pm

Yesterday, Governor Herbert announced updates to the Talent Ready Utah program, an initiative aimed to help create enough talent to continue the state's economic growth, especially in Silicon Slopes. But even with all the coding camps, hack-a-tons and other opportunities popping up, some students can't participate because they can't access these programs. Which is why the Women's Tech Council is setting out to bring these programs to rural areas in Utah.

#FanX17: Cosplay is King!

Mar 17th - 2:01pm

#FanX17: CEO Dan Farr

Mar 17th - 1:46pm