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Police ID man, 8-year-old boy in SLC murder-suicide

A man who police say shot and killed his 8-year-old son before shooting and killing himself had a history of domestic violence, substance abuse and possible mental health issues, according to court records.

Prosecutors drop all remaining charges in Freddie Gray case

Prosecutors on Wednesday dropped all remaining charges against the three Baltimore police officers who were still awaiting trial in Freddie Gray' death, blaming police for a biased investigation that failed to produce a single conviction.

Bike Ogden Overlook Trail for stunning panoramic views

The Ogden Overlook trail is a popular Snowbasin area trail providing panoramic views of Ogden and Snowbasin, and can easily be biked most evenings after work. Wildlife such as moose and deer are commonly seen there.

Drink up: Cockroach milk is the protein drink you didn't know you've been missing

A little cockroach milk with those cookies? Chock full of protein, the insect milk may someday be transformed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption, new research indicates.

Judge: Reagan shooter can leave hospital to live in Virginia

More than 35 years after he tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in an effort to impress actress Jodie Foster, John Hinckley Jr. will be allowed to leave a Washington mental hospital and live full time with his mother in Virginia, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

Bill O'Reilly: Slaves that built White House were 'well-fed'

Bill O'Reilly says the slaves who helped build the White House "were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government."

Obama returns to convention stage to make case for Clinton

President Barack Obama acknowledged Wednesday that his hopes for a new tone in politics, embodied in the rousing Democratic convention speech he delivered 12 years ago, never materialized. Still, he says he remains undaunted.

It's now or never for BYU's chances at Power 5 conference

Now that the Big 12 says it will seriously consider expansion, the time of reckoning has come for BYU, which desperately wants in a Power 5 conference. If the Cougars don't get in this time, the opportunity to join a P5 conference may not come along again soon.

Kid's dream to be garbage man comes true

All kids have wishes. Some kids want to be Superman, others princesses. But Ethan Dean, a 6-year-old with an incurable illness, just wants to suit up and be a garbage man for a day.

5 ways to be successful at community college

Wading through paperwork and processes of enrollment and course selection can be daunting. These five steps can help you be successful at community college.

Rally planned for Utah man jailed in Venezuela

The mother of an American jailed in Venezuela is planning a rally to support him.

ALS-related gene found with help from Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Association is crediting money raised through the Ice Bucket Challenge for the discovery of a gene they say is among the most common that contribute to the progressive disease.

Utah man accused of illegal poaching of Nevada elk

A Utah man has been arrested on charges accusing him of illegally killing a bull elk in southeast Nevada last summer, removing its head and leaving the rest of the carcass to waste.

Do deceased have privacy rights? Court to decide in slain restauranteur's case

Whether a dead person has a right to privacy is at issue in the case of a prominent Salt Lake restaurateur who was allegedly murdered by his husband.

New rule sparks debate over teacher preparation, hiring process

A new rule adopted by the State School Board that would allow schools to hire people with professional expertise but who may not have teaching experience sparked debate among teachers, administrators and education organizations.

Woman's body found in Bear River; police call death 'suspicious'

Police have identified a Brigham City woman whose death is being called suspicious after her body was found floating on the Bear River.

2 teens injured, 1 critically, after being hit in Taylorsville intersection

Two teenage girls were injured, one of them critically, after being struck by a car in a Taylorsville intersection Tuesday night.

911 recordings, homeowner recall devastation of massive Tooele fire

Recently released 911 recordings of calls made on a massive fire that took out 10 homes in Tooele last week paint a better picture of what witnesses experienced as they watched their community go up in flames.

Salt Lake man shoots 8-year-old boy, then himself in murder-suicide, police say

Police say a Salt Lake man shot an 8-year-old boy and then himself in a murder-suicide Tuesday inside a Capitol Hill apartment.

It's official: Hillary Clinton makes history

Democrats on Tuesday made Hillary Clinton the first female presidential nominee of a major party in the nation's history, shattering one of the last remaining glass ceilings in American politics.

Police ID pregnant woman killed in collision with FrontRunner

A pregnant woman was killed Monday night when the car she was a passenger in was hit by a FrontRunner train. Her unborn baby girl was delivered and survived but was listed in very critical condition Tuesday.

Cars vs. bikes: Who's to blame for crashes?

Every year, there are hundreds of accidents involving cars and bikes. But who's breaking the law: drivers or cyclists? KSL Investigators hit the street to see who's at fault.

Planned Parenthood 'CTR' campaign draws ire

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah's use of a common Mormon motto on a set of condoms has drawn the ire of some who find the design offensive.

Utah attorney feared dead after falling down Norway waterfall

A prominent Utah defense attorney is feared dead after slipping and falling down a waterfall in Norway.

BYU students create a new way to play Pokémon Go

The wildly popular Pokémon Go craze has no doubt swept the globe. Now some Utah children who normally wouldn't have the chance are playing the game a new way, and it's all thanks to some creative college minds.

Warrant: Boyfriend in Santa Clara kidnapping said he'd 'fix' custody battle

A man charged with kidnapping a Santa Clara man who has not been seen in a month, claimed he would "fix" an ongoing child custody battle involving the man, court documents state.

Is raw produce the best kind to eat?

Which type of produce is best to eat: raw, frozen, cooked, dried, canned? The answer may surprise you.

Japan police send suspect in stabbing spree to prosecutors

The suspect in a mass stabbing attack that left 19 people dead at a facility for the mentally disabled in Japan was being transferred Wednesday from a local police station to the prosecutor's office in Yokohama.

Utah Democrats see opportunity in frustration over Clinton, Trump

Utahns at this week's Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia see opportunity in the lack of enthusiasm both Democrats and Republicans in the state feel toward their parties' presidential nominees.

Recent ORV explosion raises questions about vehicle's safety

As the investigation gets started, the Lone Peak fire chief cannot yet confirm that the ORV used by the family injured was a Polaris RZR. But according to a local attorney, it looks like the burned out shells of several other Polaris RZR machines.