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Utahns’ solar device lets campers, disaster survivors charge phones

If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, you will probably want access to a fully-charged smartphone. A new device created by two Utahns could be useful in those situations.

Man killed father, shot and stabbed grandparents, police say

A man was arrested early Tuesday after police say he shot and killed his father and also attacked his grandparents.

Video shows massive bull elk stroll through gift shop

A new video from Colorado shows a large bull elk hitting up the local gift shop. Unlike some videos where wild animals run amuck in stores and then quickly exit, this particular elk decided to spend 45 minutes browsing the merchandise.

10-year-old boy drives to store, speeds away in police chase

An erratic, speeding driver who led an Ohio officer on a brief pursuit turned out to be a 10-year-old boy who took his parents' car without permission and drove 11 miles to a nearby city to shop at a convenience store, police said.

School delays and closures for Tuesday

Snowy conditions forced more school delays and cancellations Tuesday in northern Utah.

After getting helped off the court by tennis star, ball girl writes touching letter

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga shared this heartfelt letter from a young ball girl he assisted during the Australian Open. That, and one of the worst free throws in NBA history.

UK government loses Brexit case, must consult Parliament

Britain's Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Prime Minister Theresa May must get legislative approval to start the process of leaving the European Union, raising the possibility that lawmakers will delay her plans to trigger negotiations by the end of March.

Dying from cancer: Could your location determine your fate?

Cancer death rates are steadily rising in certain parts of the U.S. in grim contrast with the declining death rate across the nation as a whole, an exhaustive new analysis has found.

Are Utah and Mormon mommy bloggers creating a false perception of reality?

Utah mother Stephanie Nielson is a pioneer in the world of blogging. Blogging has created a worldwide community, and many of the key members are, like Nielson, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Gail Miller, you the real MVP

With Gail Miller's latest move to keep the Jazz in Salt Lake City, she reveals her place as a superstar among professional sports owners.

Taxes, education and more: A look at what's on the table for 2017 Legislature

The 2017 Legislature begins Monday and potential tax increases and education reforms are anticipated to play a key role in this year’s 45-day session.

Poor sportsmanship leads principal to ban football, soccer at recess

"If we ban football and soccer, then we may as well ban school altogether," said sixth-grader Henry Watson. So students created a public service campaign to win back the sports.

After women's marches, can numbers translate to real change?

Deb Szeman, a self-described "homebody," had never participated in a demonstration before hopping on an overnight bus from her home in Charlotte, North Carolina, to attend the women's march on Washington.

'La La Land' hits high note with 14 Oscar nominations

The nominations for the 89th Academy Awards were announced Tuesday morning and as expected, "La La Land" danced away with a bunch.

Police suspend search for man presumed drowned, citing weather

A search for a man presumed drowned in Daggett County was suspended Monday because of "inclement weather," the sheriff's office there said.

Dying teen’s final wish is to inspire ‘mass act of kindness’

The dying wish of a Canadian teenager is simple, yet profound: Leave a mark on the world by inspiring those in it to be kind.

6 tech-savvy ways to preserve family memories

Preserving family memories is no longer limited to microfilm or handwritten journals. In fact, you might already participate in several of today's top preservation tools without knowing it. Here are six easy ways to preserve memories.

Utah's newborn screening law works to catch infants with hearing loss, study says

Utah was the first to implement statewide screening for a common congenital infection found in American children. Now a study reveals how the law has panned out.

The Triple Team: 3 thoughts on Jazz vs. Thunder

On the star triple-double play of Russell Westbrook that won the game for the Thunder, the final three possessions of the game, and the Jazz starters looking drained.

Park City group travels to Ute reservation to help with pet overpopulation

There are many remote parts of our state that have very little access to pet care. For those who live on reservations the only option is to travel, sometimes hundreds of miles for services. But there is one group trying to do something about it.

Canyons closed, school canceled Monday due to snow

Two school districts were delayed and two school districts and Utah State University canceled classes Monday due to a heavy winter storm. Little Cottonwood Canyon was also shut down.

Mother of Riverton native imprisoned in Venezuela implores Trump to prioritize his release

The family of Riverton native Josh Holt is hoping to appeal directly to new President Donald Trump for intervention in getting him returned to the United States.

Spokane bank robber also wanted for robberies in Utah

A man suspected of robbing two Spokane credit unions in early January is also wanted by the FBI in connection with three bank robberies in Utah.

Lawsuit: Trump business ties violate Constitution

To fight what it called a "grave threat" to the country, a watchdog group on Monday filed a lawsuit alleging that President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution by allowing his business to accept payments from foreign governments.

Provo man who admitted burning, torturing kittens sent to prison

A Provo man who admitted to torturing and burning kittens was sentenced to prison Monday.

Woman with special needs retires after 50 years with Deseret Industries

Susie Jordan, a Salt Lake resident with special needs, recently retired after 50 years of work with Deseret Industries and was honored with a celebratory luncheon Monday afternoon.

Women's March overshadows Legislature's opening day

Thousands of demonstrators poured into the Utah Capitol with a deafening roar Monday to rally around human rights issues as state lawmakers convened the 2017 Legislature.

Utah skiers tell their story after surviving avalanche in Canadian backcountry

A dozen Utahns feel lucky to be alive after a massive avalanche in the Canadian backcountry buried part of their group, seriously injuring two.

Layton mom found passed out in gutter sent to prison for child endangerment, sex with teen

A Layton woman found passed out drunk in a gutter last summer while teens partied at her house with alcohol she provided has been sentenced to prison.

Want to fix the health care system? Fix hospitals first

As Congress and the Trump administration debate the future of America's health care system, they should go beyond the issues of access and cost and recognize an equally important priority: that patients come first, so health reform should also focus on quality of care.