December 25, 2011

   |  Posted Dec 26th, 2011 @ 8:38am


It's interesting that the majority of people who inhabit the land of Christ's upbringing and ministry don't even recognize him as the Savior. But you can find Christians scattered around the area. Dozens live at the BYU Jerusalem Center, where you'll find a new group of students every semester and their instructors.

One of those on the faculty is Eric Huntsman, an associate professor of ancient scripture at BYU who left Provo this August to teach at the Jerusalem Center for a year. He took his wife and two children with him and has had some marvelous experiences touring with the students and shooting lots of beautiful video and photos. Eric agreed to Skype with us on our Mormon Times TV show. He shows us what it's like to experience Christmas in the Holy Land.

Also on the show, Christian service was rendered all over Davis County this month after the wild December wind storm that was more like a hurricane. Hear about what amazing things were accomplished in just one Sunday when many church services were canceled and members of all faiths worked side by side, helping friends and strangers alike.

We'll also talk to a wonderful performer, David Osmond. He turned his big solo break — subbing as "Joseph" for his uncle Donny in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" — into a great career as a professional singer/songwriter. He'll sing a Christmas favorite "Mary Did You Know?"