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What is ‘normal eating’?

Emily Fonnesbeck, Contributor  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 8:32pm

With so many people making goals around food and eating, it’s a good time to remind you what “normal eating” is. Normal eating is flexible, satisfying, nourishing and enjoyable.

Texas lawmaker polls mosque leaders on Sharia law support

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 6:11pm

A Texas lawmaker has sent a survey to mosques around the state asking leaders there about Sharia Law and to pledge support for the "safety" of former Muslims who have chosen to leave the faith, implying that they could face unspecified persecution for doing so.

Montana beekeeper stung by beehive thieves in California

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 4:20pm

A Montana beekeeper says thieves got away with 488 beehives he had taken to California to pollinate almond trees.

UK court rejects bid for bridge to be recognized as sport

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 4:11pm

London Bridge may cross The Thames, but it won't fly as a sport.

Have You Seen This? Inside a $250M Bel Air spec home

Angie Treasure, Contributor  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 3:00pm

Touted on its website as the “most beautiful home on the planet,” a new real estate video posted to YouTube is taking you inside a California home worth a quarter of a billion dollars.

Utah Wildlife Board announces change in preference points for 2017 deer hunt

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 1:15pm

If you are planning to apply for a deer hunting permit this year, the Division of Wildlife Resources wants you to be aware of some upcoming changes.

Mideast expects big changes under Trump

Dan Perry and Bradley Klapper, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 12:50pm

Donald Trump's all-but-dismissal of human rights as a foreign policy principle could hit like an earthquake across a Middle East landscape beset by warring factions and beleaguered governments, with some players eyeing the prospect of once unimaginable new alliances.

AP PHOTOS: Town fest sees thief figure pelted with turnips

Iain Sullivan and Daniel Ochoa By Olza, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 12:42pm

Dozens of people ran through the streets of this tiny southwestern Spanish town Thursday trying to pelt a beast-like figure representing a farm thief with, appropriately, tons of turnips.

5 tech tips to boost productivity in the new year

Cosette Jarrett, Contributor  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 11:49am

Looking for a little help staying focused on your goals for 2017? Here are five ways you can use technology to boost your productivity and increase your chances of making some positive changes this year.

Muslim clerics attack rally for missing Pakistani activists

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 8:40am

Pakistani police say Muslim clerics attacked a rally calling for the release of five anti-Taliban activists and bloggers who went missing earlier this month.

Historic German abbey closed, property goes to diocese

David Rising, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 8:21am

Bavarian Catholic church authorities said Thursday they have closed Germany's last Bridgettine Order abbey at the request of the Vatican — renewing concerns about what will happen to the property, including a precious library, which now goes to the local diocese.

Jail time for Massachusetts women who bit off officer's ear

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 8:21am

A Massachusetts woman who bit off a portion of a rookie police officer's ear during her arrest outside a bar has been sentenced to four years in jail.

European nationalists find common ground _ for now

Frank Jordans, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 6:10am

They are the would-be Donald Trumps of Europe and they are coming together in a bid to gain influence in some of the continent's most powerful nations.

OIC hopes to send team to Myanmar to study Rohingya's plight

Eileen Ng, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 19th - 5:20am

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation plans to send a high-level delegation to Myanmar's troubled Rakhine state to assess the plight of the Rohingya Muslim minority, Malaysia said Thursday.

What your emojis say about you

Meera Senthilingam, CNN  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 8:32pm

Whether you like it or not, cartoon faces, stomping flamenco dancers and applauding hands have now entered your social life, albeit digitally. While they once may have been novel or cute, the sea of emojis now available to you across digital platforms.

Raccoons recover at California zoo after cross-country ride

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 7:31pm

Baby raccoons that inadvertently hitched a cross-country ride to Northern California are recovering at the Oakland Zoo.

Utah companies make a strong showing at CES 2017

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 6:30pm

As the birthplace of Silicon Slopes, Utah is never underrepresented at the Consumer Electronics Show and this year a total of 36 Utah companies went to show off their products.

Inaugural crowds sure to be huge _ but how huge?

Ben Nuckols, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 5:42pm

Donald Trump says his inauguration will have "an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout." Organizers of a protest the next day call it the biggest demonstration in history to welcome a new president.

Rabbis plan response to white supremacist threats in Montana

Matt Volz, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 3:30pm

Orthodox Jewish rabbis said Wednesday they will counter white supremacists' harassment of the Jewish community in the Montana town of Whitefish by sending students to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp and by mailing a Torah to every Jewish family in the state.

Have You Seen This? Bountiful crew experiments with glowing knife vs. waterjet

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted  Jan 18th - 1:15pm

Glowing knives are no match for a powerful waterjet, but it's still pretty fun to watch these guys from Bountiful experiment with them.