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Have You Seen This? World's first BMX triple front flip

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 12th - 1:15pm

We've seen the BMX quad back flip, the biggest jump in action sports history and even a double back flip on a motorcycle. Now, the Nitro Circus gives us the world's first BMX triple front flip.

Have You Seen This? Pulling teeth with drones in Clinton

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 11th - 2:33pm

A Clinton family decided to do something a little different to help a loose tooth on its way.

Have You Seen This? T-Rex does 'Ninja Warrior' course

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Oct 10th - 2:05pm

What would make a video of an "American Ninja Warrior" training session with Reko Rivera all the more enjoyable? Rivera working through all manner of apparatuses in the confines of a T-Rex costume, of course.

Have You Seen This? The worst traffic jam ever

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 9th - 1:16pm

We've all been stuck in traffic and wanted to lose it. Well, if we had been stuck in this one our heads probably would have exploded.

Have You Seen This? How to enhance muscles without workouts

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 8th - 1:15pm

If you're a bodybuilder but you can't get any more swole, here's what you do.

Have You Seen This? Dad builds drill-powered T. rex scooter

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 7th - 1:10pm

A skilled and fun-loving dad takes scooting to the next level by building a massive mechanical Tyrannosaurus rex scooter.

Have You Seen This? Small dog fearlessly chases 2 bears

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 1:15pm

Just in case you wanted amazing anecdotal proof that dogs are man's best friends.

Have You Seen This? Spin landing a seaplane

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 1:15pm

Landing a plane on the water is hard enough. Spinning out on purpose and staying in control is even harder.

Have You Seen This? Orem toddler can't handle sheep noise

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 2:33pm

An encounter with a new sounds proves a little too confusing for this little lady.

Have You Seen This? Mascot dance-off

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Oct 3rd - 3:00pm

Sit back, relax and enjoy this husky's sweet moves.

Have You Seen This? That dog can jump rope

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Oct 2nd - 1:47pm

We've seen dogs shake hands, walk on two legs and even speak. Now we've seen everything with a dog that can help you jump rope.

Have You Seen This? Epic 80s high school dance request

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Oct 1st - 1:15pm

We've all seen elaborate ways teens ask each other to dances (especially in this state), but this puts all others to eternal shame.

Have You Seen This? Dancing dad wins Internet

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Sep 30th - 1:20pm

See what it takes to win the Internet's coveted award, "Dad of the Year." There is dancing involved.

Have You Seen This? 1 man, 90 instruments in mega 'Miserlou' cover

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Sep 29th - 1:15pm

This man had access to 6,000 instruments at a Phoenix museum, and he perfectly takes advantage of the opportunity.

Have You Seen This? Charging elephant is no big deal

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 28th - 1:27pm

"Oh. Look at that. A giant elephant is charging right at me. I should get a picture." -The guy in this video.

Have You Seen This? Local woman dances her way into labor

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Sep 26th - 2:40pm

Dozens of how-to-go-into-labor old wives tales exist. Watch one Utah woman's hilarious dancing method.

Have You Seen This? Kicker nails ref, still gets extra point

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 25th - 1:15pm

Football refs are apparently always in danger as is proved in this video as a kicker nails a ref right in the noggin.

Have You Seen This? Dads don't know anything about weddings

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Sep 24th - 1:15pm

Wedding party participants are there to ensure everything goes smoothly for the bride and groom. Such is the plight of recently viral YouTube star Joanna Lomelino aka JoJo.

Have You Seen This? Blowing out candles is hard

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Sep 23rd - 1:45pm

Growing up is hard. Even blowing out a candle on your second birthday can be particularly difficult.

Have You Seen This? Not your mama's flip book

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Sep 22nd - 1:15pm

A stop-motion genius created a mind blowing and 100 percent CGI-free paper stop-motion video highlighting the history of Honda vehicles.