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Have You Seen This? Utah toddler wants to be heard, can’t stop interrupting parents

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   May 24th - 1:15pm

Utah 2-year-old Hayzl Bingham loves the camera and cannot contain herself every time it's turned on.

Have You Seen This? 2 accordions take on 'Star Wars'

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   May 23rd - 1:15pm

Turns out accordions are cool as long as you sprinkle in some Star Wars. That seems counterintuitive, but it's true. Check it out.

Have You Seen This? Climber helps start massive rockfall

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   May 22nd - 1:15pm

This video shows the aftermath of what can happen with a few small tugs.

Have You Seen This? Cutest oil change ever

Martha Ostergar, KSL Contributor  |  Posted   May 21st - 2:33pm

The most adorable way to learn how to change the oil in your car is brought to you by a little girl in a "My Little Pony" shirt.

Have You Seen This? Real life cyclops goat

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted   May 20th - 2:47pm

A goat in India was born with one, large eye in a tale only Greek mythology dared to tell before now.

Have You Seen This? The coolest kid at the bounce house

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   May 19th - 1:15pm

There is cool, there's super cool and then there's the heat this little guy is throwing. James Dean would be jealous of this level of cool.

Have You Seen This? Toddler waits patiently for beat to drop before dancing

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   May 18th - 1:15pm

This toddler sits patiently waiting for the beat to drop before busting out her dance moves in this adorable viral video.

Have You Seen This? 105-year-old holds 5-day-old great-grandson

Angie Treasure, Contributor  |  Posted   May 17th - 1:16pm

Jason Zwolak of Irvine, California, went live on Facebook last month to capture video of his 105-year-old grandfather holding Zwolak’s 5-day-old son Easton, and the internet loves it.

Have You Seen This? Perfect Nerf shot at mom

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   May 16th - 1:15pm

Moms endure a lot of things and this is living proof of that. Nerf guns, bored dads and a camera, that's all we need.

Have You Seen This? Skydiving from a drone

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   May 15th - 1:15pm

A Latvian company engineered a 28-propeller drone to accomplish the first human drone jump, and the video is worth watching.

Have You Seen This? Husking coconuts with your teeth

Martha Ostergar, KSL Contributor  |  Posted   May 14th - 2:42pm

There’s more than one way to husk a coconut, according to this video from the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Have You Seen This? 1,000 mousetraps on a trampoline

Martha Ostergar, KSL Contributor  |  Posted   May 13th - 2:37pm

A man jumps onto a trampoline with 1,000 set mousetraps on top, and it’s obviously awesome.

Have You Seen This? Ink in water is gorgeous

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   May 12th - 1:15pm

This video is mesmerizing. If it were three hours long I would have watched all of it.

Have You Seen This? What love sounds like

Angie Treasure, Contributor  |  Posted   May 11th - 1:15pm

Who knew donkeys could be so excitable?

Have You Seen This? Goose gets struck by lightning

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   May 10th - 2:11pm

This dash cam footage uploaded to YouTube shows what can only be described as a shocking moment brought on by lightning.

Have You Seen This? Bear chases bikers

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   May 9th - 1:15pm

I do not like bears, which means I really don't like this video.

Have You Seen This? Rally car driver crashes halfway off cliff

Mary Dalrymple  |  Posted   May 8th - 1:15pm

There's really only one thing to say after watching this video: thank goodness for guard rails.

Have You Seen This? Dog and the unattainable stick

Martha Ostergar, KSL Contributor  |  Posted   May 7th - 2:10pm

This dog doesn’t just want a stick, he wants a very particular stick, and he’s willing to work for it.

Have You Seen This? Lifelike masks are 100% creepy

Martha Ostergar, KSL Contributor  |  Posted   May 6th - 2:44pm

There’s a certain skill and attention it takes to turn impressive, realistic art into nightmare fuel.

Have You Seen This? The never-ending escalator ride

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted   May 5th - 1:15pm

Escalators can be fiendish foes, as this couple eventually found out.