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Pope urges prejudices be put aside at start of family synod

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 1:51pm

Pope Francis on Monday urged the world's Catholic bishops to put aside personal prejudices and have the courage and humility to be guided by the "surprises" of God, as he opened a meeting on family issues marked by sharp divisions between conservatives and progressives.

Photos: 'Blessing of the Animals' performed Sunday

Amy Joi O'Donoghue  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 9:55pm

A Blessing of the Animals was performed Sunday by Father Patrick Carley of the St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in West Jordan. Many churches celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi every Oct. 4, commemorating the life of St. Francis.

LDS choir sings gospel music to praise Lord

Megan Marsden Christensen  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 12:40pm

A choir within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints beautifully demonstrates the spirit of praise as they perform gospel music.

Quiz: Do you know who spoke these words at LDS General Conference?

Megan Marsden Christensen  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 9:20am

Once again, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are gathering Saturday and Sunday to listen to General Conference.

Pope asserts marriage is forever at start of family meeting

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 3:20am

Pope Francis opened a divisive meeting of the world's bishops on family issues Sunday by forcefully asserting that marriage is an indissoluble bond between man and woman. But he said the church doesn't judge and must "seek out and care for hurting couples with the balm of acceptance and mercy."

Gay former student of Pope Francis' speaks out

Jessica Gresko, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 12:32am

An openly gay former student of Pope Francis' who visited with the pope during his recent trip to Washington said he was surprised Francis had met with the Kentucky county clerk who gained attention for refusing to issue same-sex couples marriage licenses.

Mormons select 3 new leaders; all from Utah

Brady McCombs, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 3rd - 7:44pm

The Mormon church didn't go far to select three new members for a top governing body that sets policy and runs the worldwide faith's business operations — choosing two former business executives and a cardiologist from Utah who had already been serving in lower church leadership positions.

The Latest: Mormons choose 3 new high-ranking leaders

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 3rd - 2:41pm

The latest on developments at the Mormon Conference, held twice a year to give guidance, inspiration and news from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (all times local):

County wants God's mercy after gay marriage ruling

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 9:21am

An East Tennessee county will consider a resolution asking God for mercy as it is forced to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that effectively legalized gay marriage nationwide.

Indian cleric aims to stop Muslim youth from joining IS

Nirmala George, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 8:50am

The chief cleric of Bangalore's main mosque said Tuesday that he has advised the heads of hundreds of mosques in India's technology hub to actively counter propaganda by extremist Islamic groups by reaching out to young people in colleges and on social media.

Gov. Brown signs California right-to-die measure

Juliet Williams, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 6th - 2:10am

In a rare personal message, California's 77-year-old governor provided insight into his deliberations before deciding to sign a bill allowing terminally ill Californians to legally take their own lives, reflecting on religion and self-determination as he weighed an emotionally fraught choice.

Reparative therapy criticized by Southern Baptist theologian

Bruce Schreiner, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 5th - 4:11pm

A prominent Southern Baptist theologian on Monday spoke out against psychological counseling aimed at turning gay people straight, saying homosexuality cannot be turned off like a switch. Instead, he said, the "sin" of being attracted to a person of the same sex can be changed by turning to the Bible's teachings.

Jordanian MP says son joined IS, carried out suicide attack

Hamza Al-Soud, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 3:41pm

A Jordanian parliament member said he learned from Islamic State-linked media that his son carried out a suicide attack in Iraq, three months after dropping out of medical school and joining the extremist group.

Grand Island tuba player shows tenacity in creative pursuits

Lauren Sedam, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 9:31am

Carrying a tuba isn't easy.

Law firm labeled hate group leading Kim Davis' crusade

Claire Galofaro, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 9:13am

Kim Davis' lawyer stood onstage in a Washington D.C. hotel and pointed to a photo on the screen. It showed 100,000 people packed into a Peruvian soccer stadium, Mat Staver told the crowd, all there to pray for the Kentucky clerk battling against gay marriage.

Indonesia reports 9 more deaths from hajj stampede

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 4th - 4:50am

Indonesia reported nine more dead over the weekend from the Saudi hajj stampede, raising the country's death toll to 100.

Dalai Lama assures followers of health upon return to India

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 3rd - 4:20am

The Dalai Lama has assured his followers that he is in excellent health upon his return Saturday to the Tibetan government-in-exile's headquarters in northern India.

Scholars predicting historic Mormon leadership decision

Brady McCombs, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 2nd - 9:11pm

The Mormon church could name as many as three new high-ranking leaders at a Utah conference this weekend, and scholars predict that for the first time ever, at least one could be from outside North America and Europe.

Vatican upends Davis affair with news of audience with gays

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 2nd - 8:51pm

The Vatican turned the tables Friday on the pope's meeting with Kim Davis: Not only did it distance the pontiff from her claims that he endorsed her stand on same-sex marriage, it said the only "real audience" Francis had in Washington was with a small group that included a gay couple.

Canada's Conservative govt brings up Islam before debate

Rob Gillies, Associated Press  |  Posted  Oct 2nd - 8:20pm

Canada's Conservative government said Friday it will create a phone line for Canadians to report those engaged in "barbaric cultural practices," ahead of the final debate in Canada's divisive election campaign.